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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. I understand there will be lag but my hopes is that the SSD along side this APU will be not too bad? The main priority is InDesign and Photoshop. Should these programs at least run decent. Thanks.
  2. Hi How does the AMD Ryzen 7 3700U stack up for video and photo editing. Video editing will only really be 1080p 30fps in Premiere Pro and photo editing Photoshop. Also will be doing graphic design on InDesign. The laptop in question is the HP Pavilion - 15-cw1598sa. Any help on this or opinions is greatly appreciated. Or any other laptop recommendations also in roughly the same price point. Many thanks, Eoin.
  3. I am creating a website for a local business. They were interested in going down the wordpress road to make it easy for them to edit, but i would much prefer not to build in wordpress. So why do they want wordpress? Well as it is a restaurant, opening hours change some times. They want to be able to update the opening hours themselves. I want to use firebase as there are many app builders out there now that use it and i could simply drag a few blocks and allow them to edit the opening hours via an app on their phone. But i have come into a problem of making the website. Ive tried numerous guides on how to get it to work. I am trying to even make the website communicate in some shape or form so that the console will log the data but no use, I have attached screen shots. Can anyone help me? Many Thanks. index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Firebase Web Test</title> <script src="https://www.gstatic.com/firebasejs/live/3.1/firebase.js"></script> </head> <body> <!-- Value --> <pre id="object"></pre> <!-- Child --> <script src="app.js></script> </body> </html> app.js (function() { // Initialize Firebase const config = { apiKey: "AIzaSyBv2ec5zJvAOvDp8u04pFI4Ws18CpIzReU", authDomain: "pat-s-on-the-square.firebaseapp.com", databaseURL: "https://pat-s-on-the-square.firebaseio.com", storageBucket: "pat-s-on-the-square.appspot.com", }; firebase.initializeApp(config); // Get elements const preObject = document.getElementById("object"); // Create references const dbRefObject = firebase.database().ref().child("object"); // Sync object changes dbRefObject.on("value", snap => console.log(snap.val())); }())
  4. Okay, I found the issue, I added void Start() { rb = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>(); } and now it auto adds it. I appreciate your help I wouldn't have understood this without it! Many thanks again
  5. hi I applied it after I sent u that last reply and it works, until u stop the game altogether and restart it then it disappears again. And then proceeds with the same error. Is there some code i can write to apply the rb? Many thanks
  6. Would this be of any help maybe. got this in console when i tried to use the fast forward button. thanks
  7. there is no drop down to change it. Both have no dropdowns. only when play is clicked does playercontrols have bird rigidbody. on play no drop down appears either.
  8. This is when play button isn't clicked. This is play button clicked but it enabled the pause button. I'm guessing i need the playerjump which is the attached code in the first post to say bird (its to make a bird move) thanks for your reply!
  9. While using Input.GetButtonDown , Unity does not have a compiling issue but it pauses the game in play mode. Here is the code. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class playerjump : MonoBehaviour { public Rigidbody2D rb; // Start is called before the first frame update void Start() { } // Update is called once per frame void Update() { if (Input.GetButtonDown("mouse")) ; { rb.velocity = new Vector2(rb.velocity.x, 5); } } } I cannot paste this code into my move forward code for some reason, unity just doesn't like this. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Maybe someone can help? All help is appreciated, Thanks!
  10. So I made an app for my local sports club to view and access photos. I want to distribute it on Google Play store but have it unlisted. I want my app to be like an unlisted YouTube Video. I have the upload but only people with the link can view it. If this doesn't work I could add a sign in page on the app. But I would rather it work this way. All feedback appreciated. Thanks!
  11. how could i test or trace a short. thanks
  12. could this be an issue that the Chinese board doesn't limit the voltage/amp input
  13. First may i point out im using an lcd board connector that you find all over ebay and this lcd did use to work. I dropped while testing but it looks the same. until you plug it in. the pink and white power cabled (colours vary i believe) create blue sparks that jump to the metal hinges on the lcd screen (it was taken from a laptop). this never happened before only after i dropped it. i did not drop the board, just the lcd. the board takes a 12v 3 amp input but the only connector i found was 18v 3.2 amp i believe. but it works fine no overheating etc. Have i completely broken the lcd or have i messed up the board real bad. If you require i can try and take a photo of it happening. it makes a terrible electric sound and you can see the blue electricity jumping. 24v wouldnt do any harm if i did touch it but the entire display doesn't even do anything. no backlight etc. anyone heard of this happening before?
  14. hi I found this connector online https://www.ebay.com/itm/LVDS-FI-RE51S-to-FPC-51-Pin-0-5mm-adapter-board-for-LG-Samsung-2CH-8-bit-10-bit-/173034389375?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c1#viTabs_0 It is a 2ch-8bit for LG. The specs for my specific screen are here. http://www.panelook.com/LM215WF3-SLC1_LG Display_21.5_LCM_overview_12152.html Does this look promising? Thanks again
  15. Thanks again for your reply. Bit of a bummer i guess. Still looking for answers as of now, I found something to do with lvds. The cable seems to be somewhat proprietary. lvds if im right is a connector type. Would this maybe be a possible answer? Many thanks