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    Biotechnology Engineering Student


  • CPU
    i3-4160 3.6 Ghz(2cores,4threads) 120/240 Gflops S/D Precison
  • Motherboard
    Asus H81m-CS
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Gigabyte RADEON R7360 2GB OC 1200 Mhz -1.75 TFOPS
  • Case
    Zebronics Gaming
  • Storage
    1TB Seagate barracuda (2017)
  • PSU
    CORSAIR Cx450
  • Display(s)
    Micromax(INDIA) [1366x768] 18.5 INCH VA LED display
  • Cooling
    CPU,GPU=stock,INTAKE-90mm,Exhaust -Circle gaming 120mm
  • Keyboard
    Circle Gaming(India) Battle Pro LED Gaming Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech G90(2500 dpi)Gaming Mouse
  • Sound
    Realtek realtek® alc887 8-Channel High end Sound card,15 W Stereo Speakers,Sony XB-450 stereo Headphones
  • Operating System
    WIN 10 home Premium

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  1. one thing i wish i had known; i always thought that cpu-gpu bottleneck ratio was linear meaning that for every double gpu performance u needed a cpu of also double its original performance.Then when the ps4 pro came out i saw that it was using basically the same cpu(15 percent faster) as the ps4 but it had 4 times the gpu processing power of the ps4 gpu,then i really felt that i had known it before.... U might have enabled supersampling and set all those taxing visual effect to the max..maybe that is why you are not getting a good fps.. the gtx 1070ti is a really powerfull card.It provides 8-9 teraflops of processing power and is equivalent to a gtx1080...so in a technical perspective the 1070ti is an overkill
  2. i was wondering how much my cpu would bottleneck the gtx 1060 or gtx 770,r9 280x(any gpu above 3 tflops performance)?? iam currently using radeon r7 360 OC (1.8tflops) and not experiencing any bottleneck but the cpu utiliztion spikes upto 98 percent sometimes and remains most of times between 40-80s percent in games..
  3. SidharthAGupta


    Upgrading a cpu is much more complex than just replacing the chip,How do you know that laptop PSU WILL PROVIDE ENOUGH POWER,AS THE DEFAULT PSU IN ANY LAPTOP IS DESIGNED AND OPTIMISED TO JUST POWER ITS DEFAULT CPU AND MOSTLY THERE ARE VERY LESS HEADROOM FOR UPGRADES..SO,i wouldnt upgrade my laptop cpu if i was not sure about its PSU SPECIFICATION..
  4. in your opinion which is of the two psu's is better? the GW Variant or the is CWT variant of the CX450(white labeled)? thanks in advance
  5. hello freinds, im buildimg a new rig and found out my motherboards (power led ) pins is defective,so everything works except case power led lights so i was i wondering if it would be ok if i connect my power led(+,-) header into the (+5V and Ground ) header in the speaker header in my motherboard info-i have alredy tried and my oower led lits up,but i was just making sure if its ok.. 2-would connecting my power led header to the 5v rail in my molex connecter a better option(as my old case's power led light stopeed working after a year i plugged it in the speaker led header similarly)?
  6. I'm Using Corsair cs 450 Universal V(100-20)V PSU,At my area the voltage standard is 220V at 50 hz,I have a universal extention board which contains both 110V and 220v power sockets..So would it be ok if i plug my PSU with a 110v power cable(came with the package) into 110v socket in the extention board connected to a 220v 6 ampere wall socket ???
  7. SidharthAGupta

    What is this? Fake 1050ti 4GB from Wish?

    ok.Then you should Go to the manufacturers service center or return it where you bought it from,Its probably defected...
  8. SidharthAGupta

    What is this? Fake 1050ti 4GB from Wish?

    did you connect it to the motherboards HDMI Port or the Gpu's Hdmi PORT ?
  9. SidharthAGupta

    What is this? Fake 1050ti 4GB from Wish?

    why are you qouting me buddy?.I said it does not look fake.I never said its a 1050ti..Dont show how smart you are to me ,just keep your knowledge within yourself...
  10. SidharthAGupta

    What is this? Fake 1050ti 4GB from Wish?

    doesnt look fake to me.May be its defected.have you connected the pci express 6 pin power supply(in case there is a power input port in the gpu)?
  11. SidharthAGupta

    UPS for a Gaming Machine?

    hello,there.. yes,your system will not pull full 850W wall from the wall.To find out how much it does you need to calculate the total theorotical power ur system would.In order to do that Head over to cooler masters psu calculator page and u will have a rough idea (+- 20%) of the power consumption of your system alone. then to answer your actual question,you need to figure out what else you have connected to the UPS and get a rough idea of the total power consumption of these extra components,and if ur total power consumption is below the power capacity of your UPS then yes your system will have no problem running.. also if ur UPS is rated in VA and not in Watts then u need to subtract 20 percent from the Total VA to get the aproxx actuall Wattage capacity of your UPS...
  12. SidharthAGupta

    Ryzen 5 1600 or i5 8400?

    depend on the budget.. if ur on a low budget or feel like not wasting extra money.. go for ryzen.(as the ryzen compatable motherboards are cheap),if u already have a intel 8 th gen compatable motherboard then intel i5 8400 would be ideal.. additional info-DO NOT BELIEVE IN AMD HATERS,And do not believe in people who say AMD CPU WILL FRY,HEAT UP etc.... ryzen has the new and optimized amd ZEN microarchitecture enabling ryzen to operate at really low tdp's and equivalent performance at a low cost from the intel competitors..... if u r to compare both side by side u will only see a slight difference,indeed RYZEN will crush intel ON multi threaded apps... but Intel would have a slightly more stronger performance per core... by slight i mean very subtle.ie-THEY ARE EQUIVALENT PROCESORS,and both will perform similarly while gaming.. for slight gaming and video editing scenarios i would recommend the AMD RYZEN...