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  1. I'd like to thank you for all the people you're helping, man. Keep doing what you're doing! You're awesome!

    1. Majestic


      You are true to your name, you do provide feedback :)

  2. If anyone else ever encounters the issue, here's the fix as posted by @Majestic: V-sync will drop you down to 30 if it can't reach 60. Disable in-game v-sync using the Fallout 4 configuration tool linked here or by editing the inis yourself and then enable adaptive V-sync in the nvidia control panel.
  3. Thank you, Majestic! I suppose every game I've played until now has been using adaptive v-sync and simply calling it v-sync, then. No wonder I got confused! I'll try these settings now.
  4. Is this normal? I've always seen v-sync just locking fps to 60 and if it went below it would simply display the 58 fps. What do you mean with variable v-sync? Adaptive in nvidia control panel?
  5. Hello everyone, first time posting on this forum, but have been watching LTT for a while. I'm having an issue with Fallout 4 where, since a little while back, it'll run at a v-sync locked 60fps (Which is fine) and then, half of the time, it'll randomly lock itself to 30fps(Not as in a performance drop, but as in a framerate lock.) I've no clue why this is happening. V-sync is disabled in my Nvidia settings and enabled in Fallout 4's settings, and my PC had no issues running this game beforehand. None of my other games are displaying this issue either. Specs incase this'll help: GPU: Gainward GTX 970 Phantom CPU: Intel i5 4460 Ram: 16gb ddr3 1600mhz Hyper X Fury (2x8GB) Storage: Samsung 850 evo 500gb SSD (This is where my Fallout 4 is installed), generic 1tb 7200rpm HDD Motherboard: asrock h81m-dgs r2.0 All latest drivers are installed and Fallout 4 is running the latest version with no mods enabled.