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  1. Can you not load json objects from a file into a json variable type in python.. maybe you should just look for a 3rd party json handler. I kinda sounds like you are trying to use the data from an io function, either way you need to unload the data into a safer place. if your objects aren't complete monsters I guess you could use multidimensional arrays to hack a handler. If your using the objects for anything else than get and print you will need to store the data first pull anyway else you will be pushing and throwing data everywhere. else use his idea :):) ^^
  2. Ailithic

    Opening DLL

    O haha dll files.. so to edit the files you should recompile them but I'm sure you could get away with editing them I guess? I only picked up dll, or C# the language they are coded in for modding Rimworld. dnSpy - A little clunky as it loads a tone of other dll's for some reason. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Programming/Debuggers-Decompilers-Dissasemblers/dnSpy.shtml Just download from softpedia.. I'v only had 1-2 bad programs from them. The problem with dll's is that you might have to load more important dll's in as well just to find what you want (I'm 73% sure the dll's interact with each other, I can't remember). If you do compile a new dll remember to include the important dll's so you can use their functions and data.. (build options or compile includes?, haven't gotten that far in the moding sorry)
  3. Lol the sad reality is that a hashed password is uncrackable without a server or real military grade hardware.. the only way a hashed password can be cracked is by using a pre generated hash table (or bruteforced hashing of common passwords > which you can also get lists for).. if your breaking server to client you would need a good program that you can actually run for 3 years,, Cain and able was absolute crap btw, it didn't save your alphanumeric iteration so if you dropped connection or the program closed you would have to start again from the start. maybe if you enumerated the code... idk. But considering that passwords nowa days are undeniably uncrackable beyond 5 chars letters only.. your best option is to bypass, side entrances, overloading, ddos, booting and spoofing, injection.. I finder shoulder looking to be the most effective.. or *** bypassing from key loggers. Do disagree with anything iv said here though
  4. I'm gonna miss top gear uk. This is gonna be a one word post Audi R8 I also heard that Audi owns Lamborghini. I like James mays comment about Nissan's being an enthusiast car. Ehhh Pro ford.. I don't like holden. Also remember top gear saying something about the decline of American cars and the success of "japan/asian" cars, I'll always appreciate Ferrari and Lamborghini (which is both Italian right?) I think they talked about Japan cars being better than European and that being better than american, Plus mind you the good old American cars should be falling apart soon "and" European/Italian cars are only making top tier cars. I'v played to much video games and kinda fell in love with McLaren though, I also value torque over speed :). On like Electric cars, I saw a big fuel ship using fuel only to generate power which is used to power electric motors
  5. O haha reading files sucks in c++.. so does the string manipulation, codeblocks also doesn't offer GET POST libraries (dunno what ide's do if I'm being honest). I ended up using sample code for getting a line in a file.
  6. Have you seen this? http://form.guide/php-form/php-form-select.html
  7. Which is like every jam jar because they pour it in hot lol Hi
  8. Ill check it out for sure ty. EDIT: Don't mean to bump sorry, Yeah qt looks perfect, looks like a lot of things were stopping me when I was trying to get an IDE with a UI designer. Kinda thought you would need the entire 32gb download till I actually looked.. they should have a download tutorial for it. Eh umm does qt come with networking libraries (just GET etc is all I'll need haha), I kinda just cheated and used the Curl executable
  9. Hello my name jeff.... here is a video.. Also drain 95% of the water before you add the flavoring to noodles (and not after) or your just eating watery goop
  10. Is there a free version of it?
  11. I really really really really (with a passion) hate every online tutorial for learning code, I think and bet that coding could be taught in under 10 minutes. But a couple important things about C++ No natural networking libraries. Code is compiled top down instead of dynamically (which Im sure is just a general code feature) And the only IDE that makes it "easy" to create a UI is Visual Studio (I quote the words easy because I have only found one tutorial online on how to use the bloody UI builder and it was so back water I don't think I can find it again (so stick to the console app I guess??)). After I learned c++ I kinda wanted to learn java because its so low level. I really liked androids java though (Its beautifully simple compared to C++)
  12. Hmm lol... so 2017's League of legends Esports prize pool was 4 million dollars 3 mil generated from tickets and sales and 1 mil from donations etc, Where as with sports you can easily get million dollar contracts and fill massive stadiums around the world, I wouldn't say that its a people problem, more of an infrastructure thing plus the players are super young atm. "I mean if you were given the chance to attend an esports event in your area would you not take it?". Btw strategies are what you use going into a match and tactics are things like ball interception, so your strategy might be to play passive and intercept balls more. As for teamwork(No game can work without team work), If you can't work as a team in a game you might as well be playing alone against the other team lol.
  13. Did you know you can download Fortnite on Xbox One for free and play it online without Gold :)?.