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  • CPU
    Ryzen 3 1200x
  • Motherboard
    Tomahak b350
  • RAM
    8gigs ddr4 patroit viper
  • GPU
    Gtx 1030 w/ passive cooling
  • Case
    Versa h21
  • Storage
    280 gigs 7200 rpm hhd
  • PSU
    Tr2 600w
  • Display(s)
    Some shitty Dell 3:4 from 2007
  • Cooling
    Stock/ passive
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Kensington trackball
  • Sound
    Some speakers/ integrated
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Yes. I know. The only thing I know how to restore are graphics cards, it's probably similar, but I still want some features missing in the keybords I see in my budget. So that's why I want to know this stuff. If I cant learn, I might go and buy one though.
  2. Ye, but they old, musty, an used. I wanna new keyboard, built to my specifications. Really all I need is where to source parts, and how to connect hardware, but apart from that, I'm fine.
  3. Project: make an opl2 keybord. Hw would I go about this? Can I get some components, and put together an opl2 keybord, can I make one with a raspberry pi? I just don't know.
  4. Don't worry. I'm not my idiot friend. He had a laptop we both called the Trojan laptop, for what should be obvious reasons.
  5. So, my Norton subscription that came with my MB ran out, and I don't feel like getting more at this time. Norton is being very annoying and won't let me use Windows defender, but also refuses to work. Can I find a way to make it play nice, without uninstalling it? I might want it in the future
  6. How do I remove the front pannel on my h21?
  7. sooo I'm doing some OC work, an di want a decent cpu monitor. what is the software that LTT uses for diagnostics in the show?
  8. I've kinda got an idea for a cooling setup Top 240 rad (thermaltake water 3.0) with a third backfan (both for intake), and the front has two exahust fans
  9. I understand that,but I kinda wanna prepair the rig for somat bigger
  10. Would a master liquid lite 240 be a good cooler? (I'm still doing some reasurch, it was the first I saw) Or how about a thermaltake water 3.0 240?
  11. My question is could that Handel a run 1800x. I know that seems like a leap, but it's a path I want to explore