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  1. so would buying another 4gb stick fix my problem?
  2. would this make sense because my ram performance goes down when ever the actual stuttering happens... also if you look up videos on overwatch with 4 gb they don't get stuttering soo
  3. I could take a picture of my build on the inside and see if theres anything wrong with it?
  4. just discord and the blizzard launcher

    1. bleedblue


      ill get back to you on the post, currently updating Overwatch to check some stuff myself.

  5. have you tried dusting off your rig?
  6. ok so my pc stutters really hard to the point where games just aren't playable, well, they are you just have to play them for a long time, but when I first hop into a game such as overwatch, I get around 3 fps and then shoot back up to 120 and then back down for about a 4 minutes and then it will get to a more constant fps but with stutters here and there, this doesn't happen for league of legends, street fighter 5, rainbow 6 siege and warframe the stuttering happens for games like, overwatch, world of Warcraft, black desert online , etc. my system has a gtx 1050 ti 4 gb of ram g4560 240 ssd- doesn't fix stuttering for games down loaded on here 500 gb hdd asrock-b250 m motherboard and a zalman case here is my performance while playing while stuttering (keep in note that my memory drops really low while this happens but I don't know what this means plz help ive been trying to solve this problem for 2 weeks now
  7. like overwatch on medium settings and cs and wow
  8. so then how do I switch the games over to my ssd?
  9. my pc is seeing stuttering during games and I cant fix it. I have a gtx 1050 ti g4560 4gb of ram an 240 ssd 500 hard drive I have asked for peoples help before and they always say its something my ram bottlenecking my pc, which yes could be true but I don't play very graphically demanding games and I'm still seeing stuttering. also a video of someone playing on a 4gb of ram and they didn't have the problem that I had on you tube my pc says some kabby lake thing is out of date but I'm unaware of what this actually for. another thing, when I go to files, my ssd doesn't show up, it says that I have installed on my system info so idk I have already tried increasing the page file size for my ram for games like overwatch but I still saw the stuttering can anyone help me please
  10. Boot times in wow are a pain but ok, will do thank you
  11. Any suggestions on what number I should change it too?
  12. this is my ram, any problems here?
  13. How would I be able to do that?
  14. so my MHz seems to drop down a whole lot when ever the stuttering happens but here is the stuff, anything I should consider to change or do or like whats wrong in the first place? ill run another round with the ram showing
  15. ok will do, just in the mean time though, is this normal?
  16. my pc seems to be bottle necking almost all of my games, when I first go into a match of overwatch for example, my fps drops down to 4 for a period of time and then shoots back up to 100-120 fps... this happens through out the whole match, can some one help me resolve this my pc contains gtx 1050ti 500 gb hdd 240gb ssd intel Pentium g4560 4 gigs of ram stock cooler a usb wifi thingy thing- average png is 18-21