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  1. lando4commando

    Do I get a CAT6 cable or a CAT7 cable?

    Hello, I was looking at lowering my ping on online games since the router is across the house and downstairs from where my PC is, so I get pretty bad wifi connection. We are paying for around 200mbps and I am only getting about 40mbps and my ping usually stays between 30-50. I found that I should go down the wired route and I will route a 50ft cable to the router. The only thing that I don't know is whether to get CAT6 or CAT7 cable. Is there much of a difference between the two? Does the mhz speed even matter? Any answers are appreciated. Thanks, Landon
  2. I want to talk to a real person about this but the support is not working for some reason
  3. Someone just signed into my microsoft account in Belgium and they have changed the password and I when I try to verify my account, I sent the email verification but I am not getting the code. Please help as my credit card info and everything is on this account! Edit: I have recieved the email but when I reset the password and I go to sign in again, it says the password is incorrect! Thanks, Landon
  4. lando4commando

    ROG Strix 1070 Backplate Led Problem

    Hello, I just built a system with an Asus ROG Strix 1070 OC. I set it up and downloaded the aura software (The latest version off the forums) so I could control the RGB with my Vengeance RGB RAM. I immediately notice that the Aura software looks more outdated that what it should look like (Screenshot below). When I pick red, orange, or green in the software, the ROG logo on the gpu works fine. But, if I select any other color, like purple, yellow, or blue, the logo lights up as a different color or does not light up at all. The ram and all of the other lights work completely fine. I have also tried the Aura Graphics Card software and I have the same problem. I will post a few pics of what it looks like below. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Landon
  5. lando4commando

    Asus Aura Sync Problems

    1. The ASUS forums states that Aura fully supports corsair vengeance rgb 2. My GPU literally says aura sync compatible on the box
  6. lando4commando

    Asus Aura Sync Problems

    Corsair Vengeance
  7. lando4commando

    Asus Aura Sync Problems

    Hello, I recently built a system with Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM and an ROG Strix 1070. I wanted to be able to control the RAM and GPU's rgb in sync so I went to the ASUS website and downloaded the latest version of aura sync. I immediately open it and I am surprised with a less up-to-date looking aura sync than I am used to (Screenshot below). I start to mess around with it a bit and the RAM rgb is working flawlessly. The GPU, on the other hand, is not. The rgb effects are laggy and the top ROG logo on the GPU will only light up three colors: red, green, and orange. If I change it to any other color, the light will simply go blank. I noticed on YouTube videos that the card is supposed to light up all colors, but the top portion on mine is not. And no, I dont want to use the GPU lighting software it came with because I want my RAM in sync with my GPU. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Landon
  8. lando4commando

    Are these the best parts for my $650 upgrade?

    Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it
  9. lando4commando

    Are these the best parts for my $650 upgrade?

    I'm good with my normal hdd for now. I also want to stick with nvidia graphics and I want it to be under $650.
  10. lando4commando

    Are these the best parts for my $650 upgrade?

    Corsair Carbide 88R and an EVGA 500W psu
  11. lando4commando

    Are these the best parts for my $650 upgrade?

    I have an evga 500w one
  12. lando4commando

    Are these the best parts for my $650 upgrade?

    I have a 34 inch LG ultrawide at 2560x1080. My budget is $650 and I will mainly be playing Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege
  13. lando4commando

    Are these the best parts for my $650 upgrade?

    I have a micro atx but I feel like I should go Intel because I have had pretty bad experiences from AMD's side.
  14. lando4commando

    Are these the best parts for my $650 upgrade?

    I have an Athlon X4 880k on an old gigabyte fm2 mobo and a 750 ti