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  1. Nostremitus

    Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt. 2 - NO INTERNET

    I thought it was a great way to do it and hope they keep doing it. I'll be looking for her or someone like her in future videos now
  2. Congrats everyone, good push.
  3. Their APUs use a different branch of the Radeon software than the desktop GPUs. Here's the driver suite for the 2400G https://www2.ati.com/drivers/rv-win10-64bit-whql-radeon-software-17.40.3701-feb12.exe Here's the page the link is found on the AMD website. https://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Radeon-Software-for-Ryzen-Desktop-Processors-with-Radeon-Vega-Graphics-Release-Notes.aspx
  4. Disregard, it was one of the most recent posts on their news feed, looking closer, it was from 2017. They've posted no news this year, lol. I had disabled CPU tasks from PG and selected CUDA only, could have been my problem...
  5. I am, but that's only because after 12 hours of trying to download PG CUDA tasks I was still being deferred, so I just switched over. Better to have it doing something rather than nothing. Also, it looks like the Asteroids server ran out of space on the 10th... ...and that was before being hit by the Pentathlon. I have 134 pending validation, 19 valid.
  6. I switched another PC over to Numberfields because Asteroids is taking forever to validate. I have 128 tasked complete and only 17 validated.
  7. I currently have 28 threads, a 6GB1060, and 10 ARM cores on asteroid, and 16 threads on numberfields, at least for tonight. I may end up having to drop drop both the 1700X PCs again tomorrow. That'll bring me down to 4 X86, the 1060, and the ARM cores on Asteroid (my laptop, tablet, and phone), and 8 threads on Numberfields tomorrow.(My 1500X PC)
  8. Got the two 1700X systems going again. One is 50/50 Rosetta/NumberFields. The other is 100% Rosetta.
  9. I've been having a similar issue. I'll see that my tasks are completing, but it's still showing 0 points for my main PC.
  10. Both of my 1700X systems are currently down. I'm at work right now, I'll try to get them back up when I get home.
  11. I have enough Swimming waiting to validate, I just switched everything I have over to Sprint. That's 54 threads, but 10 of them are ARM.
  12. I started my wife's 16 threads last night, but she may have forgotten and shut her computer down after her morning browsing session. I'll check when I get off work.
  13. Nostremitus

    Senate forces a vote looking to reinstate Net Neutrality

    That would also break antitrust laws. They'd have lawsuits similar to those faced by RAM manufacturers currently.
  14. Nostremitus

    Senate forces a vote looking to reinstate Net Neutrality

    The repeal isn't set to activate until June 11th. Nothing has changed yet because nothing could change yet. The protections are still in place.