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  1. macOS isn't that much secure compared to Windows, slap ESET NOD32 on it and you can call it a day.
  2. I would look into this notebook for AutoCAD, it has dedicated NVIDIA gpu which can help you in AutoCAD and it has 8th gen i7 ASUS VivoBook S
  3. When you installed Windows did you install drivers provided with motherboard and graphics card ?
  4. Linux should be easy to use for Rust server. This website should help you : Link
  5. which OS do you plan to run for hosting the server ? cause if you plan linux then i5 4690 should be just fine
  6. Ok, but still my point stands, its not worth bothering.
  7. Don't even bother mining price of bitcoin has been crashing last few days.
  8. Nope, just virtualization features will be disabled from my knowledge cause nested virtualization is not that good on virtualbox.
  9. It can't be that hard to find it cause Office will be on desktop thats for sure and they can find their programs easily on LXDE for sure :
  10. They should switch from Windows cause Linux : 1. Its completely free open-source community that is growing every single day. 2. Reducing risk of hacking enterprise's computers and servers is lower 3. Wine to the rescue to emulate older versions of Office like 2010 & 2013 4. KDE desktop environment & LXDE are very similar to Windows GUI and they can make people get used to it way easier 5. Linux is completely modular so IT guys can install core components to run it on PC and customize it to enterprise's needs. It will be easier to install barebones Linux and then install KDE or LXDE GUI to make it easier for getting used to it. Wine is another fantastic solution to emulate older versions of Microsoft Office (Like 2010, 2013) so there will be very low loss in productivity.
  11. Their forcing on Windows 10 is just gonna make people and enterprises switch to Linux. Why is the even idea Windows 10 on all PC's I am not going from Windows 8.1 (even our company is using Windows 7 Ultimate on Kaby Lake CPU's). That idea is not gonna go well, It will distrupt a lot of companies and enterprises and I personally think this is great time to switch to Linux to show Microsoft that they are doing many things wrong.
  12. Ik CPU is weak cause its 2011-2012 and its only until EPYC arrives. I am gonna run 1 VM just to tinker around some stuff with 2 cores. I really hope EPYC is gonna be strong with ESXi on bare metal and bunch of Linux VM's & Windows Server VM (Domain Controller)
  13. We cannot take off side panel and swap or add or remove components Its gonna be used for storing files and running 2-3 VM's.
  14. CPU : EPYC 7281 RAM : 48 GB's of ECC RAM @ 2666 MHz MOBO : Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 (Got deal for $379 instaed of $550) GPU : Tesla K80 (It is refurbished and I have been tasked with AI learning) CASE : SUPERMICRO CSE-825TQ-563LPB (PSU will be swapped with something around 600W-900W) RAID Controller : LSI MEGARAID 9440-8I NIC : 3x Intel X540T2 I am not paying for server, our company is paying, its gonna be for 10 of us.
  15. Hello, since my server ordered got delayed for 21st of April I need a server to store bunch of stuff cause we cannot open our company computers. This is what I got spare until my EPYC server arrives : CPU : AMD A8-3870K MOBO : GIGABYTE GA-A75M-UD2H RAM : 2x 8 GB & 2x 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz GPU : Integrated in CPU PSU : EVGA Supernova G2 550w (Our IT guy in company gave it to me cause it was spare PSU) CASE : Silverstone CS380B RAID Controller : LSI MegaRAID SAS9261-8i (I got it from refurbished company server that later got sold without RAID card ) NIC : 2x TP Link TG-3468 Drives that I am gonna use are 3x 6 TB WD Purple. Idk if this would be good for server and which OS should I use ? I can choose between Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) or FreeNAS since security has to be high Any suggestions ?