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  1. i did this instead and it solved it
  2. i now tried cloning my disk with the program macrium reflect and it failed, when i tried to use my new ssd to boot windows i get this error message. i even tried to fix it by options here and use windows usb stick and also the repair failed. i even watched several youtube videos how to do the cloning and i followed exactly everything they did in steps and it worked for them but not for me. sorry im writing from an old laptop and i dont know how to resize the image if its large. basicly the window says 'your device needs to be repaired' after i try use the new ssd to boot up from.
  3. should i be worried? i literally only had the ssd running for 29 hours and already 99%... https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/crystal-disk-says-ssd-at-99-should-i-be-worried.231277/ according to this thread...its caused by "wear and tear".. what about in next 29 hours itll be at 98%?
  4. just tried the game fortnite by default it put me on epic settings and my computer then suddenly became quiet as a silent mouse. nothing. even the ssd stopped making noise. but as soon i get back to windows again, it starts buzzing like a bee locked in a water bottle again. and the mouse cursor moves choppy around the screen with every pixel moved making the noise screech more.
  5. found this answer at tom's hardware For non mechanical electronics a high pitch whine is normally caused by a vibration of a component at around 20 KHz. This is close to the freq used by some switching PS circuit. The SSD may (Do not know for sure) contain a PWM circuit to reduce the applied 5 Volts (From PSU) down to a lower voltage to be used by the cells. I would verify that it infact is coming from the SSD. Remove the SSD but leave it connected should be able to stick your ear on the case. If it is the SSD RMA it. Most common source is the PSU. That being the PSU, or an excessive ripple component on the 5 V line. and suggested upgrade firmware on SSD or RMA it. should i upgrade firmware before clone it? and how i upgrade firmware on samsung ssd?
  6. good idea. yea i know corrupt system files isnt about the drive itself being faulty. however in my theory a faulty drive could end up messing install correct way and making them corrupt. (during install process) in MY theory. cause the big question mark here is how can a brand new windows install already have corrupt system files?
  7. i still dont understand you. i scanned my C drive on 25th july and everything was Fine OK I bought my new drive on 26th july I installed windows on it 28th july , it had corrupt system files I switched back to my old drive again on 29th july, the weird noise stopped and the system windows scan turned out OK again I switched back my new drive 30th july and corrupt system files and bad noise appear again I haven't yet made a clone Im gonna intend clone my old drive to new drive, putting all healthy things on the new one.
  8. Is it perfectly safe to have a SSD plugged in with SATA and the other cable (forgot name) without havin it screwed attached to your disk cage? Also how sensitive are SSDs ? Cause I may have dropped it on floor when i opened it the box (i opened it upside down and it fall out) (of course this isn't something i would say when / if i RMA it)
  9. Samsung, 5 year warranty, on the EVO product lines it says. Should i first clone my disk and see if it fixes the noise ? Maybe the install was error or corrupt making windows unstable that why idk. just thinking here.
  10. its an SSD the noise coming from
  11. whats HDD? i have a phone it has microphone? but i dont know how to put it here. No i said its NOT something i can live with. The high pitch sound make my ear drums bleed to be blunt.
  12. Yes, to make it clear Disk A is the disk i wanna clone (my old disk) , Disk B is the disk I wanna become like disk A (the new disk), disk B have the corrupt system windows files, disk A have zero problems with either windows, any software or hardware, and oh for additional input its disk B that are making the weird noise also , and runs the mouse cursor choppy and system feels clunky slow. Also temp on disk B is quite high crystal said, its 36 degrees, while the other is only 24 degrees
  13. I tried to mount old ssd again and then it became quiet again my computer. How can i record noise? its a kinda high pitch noise so its not something i can live with. (unlike fan noise those i can live with and have become a natural sound for me now)
  14. Why? its windows system that is corrupt, not the disk? And the windows system will be deleted anyway? I will be copying over the source drive with healthy windows to new? and the squeelchinig sound when i move my cursor? keep in mind that the 2nd drive have never been screwed into my box, it been loose. can that be reason? and lastly should i return it and get new if issue dont resolve? i think samsung have 5 year warranty?
  15. Nah I dont mind wiping it clean losing all data I put on so far. It just been some drivers and programs like CPU-z, google, and crystal disk info. Funny tho, I did a sfc scannow on new disk and it already showed up corrupt files in system on C , (new disk) and it was just a fresh windows install. Even my old (source) C dont have any errors in windows. Also my mouse cursor feels "choppy" to move in new install, and when i move it comes a squeelching noise from my PSU/disk , like its pushing limits, but on old disk its smoooooth and silent as a kitten. Ideas? (both showed OK status in crystal disk info)