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  1. Twister

    Cleaning the PC, what does it mean?

    Thanks for the all-thing reply Syn, Where can I see how much is fragmented of the disk? I'm looking at Disk Cleanup (if you search that in Windows). Yeah I do have a folder Mist\binaries\geth\unpacked\geth.exe sitting at 26 788 kb. Any idea if it's safe to remove this Mist folder or how to uninstall it safely?
  2. Twister

    Cleaning the PC, what does it mean?

    Okay, but for hard drives does it give any performance difference? Says here it doesn't do anything. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/how-bad-is-it-to-continue-to-use-your-pc-during-deep-defragm-302576/
  3. Twister

    Cleaning the PC, what does it mean?

    Oh well i did it on both .
  4. So have a few different things to discuss here.. can start off with defrag, so I did a defrag on both my C and E drive, googled that it shouldn't be done cause it doesn't improve the PC's performance, and only damages the hard drive. Is it exactly worth it? Next thing is disk cleanup, so the 3 biggest things here (other ones is just small a few mb's) is Downloaded files (927 MB), OneDrive-files (2.7 GB), and Compress operative system (4,14 GB), what does each one do? Does cleaning Downloaded files (927 MB) remove all my files in my Documents / Downloads folder? What is compress operative system? (4,14 GB) Also i'm curious why disk cleanup have the same both these numbers on both C and E drive. Also I'm curious if it's safe to remove driver installation folders in C:/AMD? And last.. on Users/username/AppData/Roaming I have a folder named Mist that I have no idea what it is, I tried to google it but found nothing. It's 4,5 GB size (half the size of entire Roaming folder (total 9 GB) and the only thing I could find on google was that there was a some cryptocurrency wallet called Mist. I have never downloaded, installed or can't find any "Mist" in my Add/Remove programs either. What is this, and is it safe to delete?
  5. Twister

    Check previous drivers (AMD)?

    I've managed to fix it (for people who have same issues) gpu chipset: r9 390 memory: 8gb ddr5 os: win10 64b core clock: 1040mhz driver version: 17.7.2 with this and reinstalled fortnite worked for me (runs like used to)
  6. Twister

    Check previous drivers (AMD)?

    Game - Fortnite GPU - Radeon R9 390 (i believe) Driver originally - No idea. (thats what I'm asking) , but the driver I downloaded and tried was 19.4.1
  7. I downloaded the latest AMD driver by mistake, thinking it would improve my performances in a game which it didn't, instead made it completely unplayable. I forgot what drivers I had before, but I wanted to go back to my old drivers. Is there a way to check your previous installed driver history? Much like this topic but it's for NVIDIA , except I haven't upgraded my Windows. https://lockone.wordpress.com/2015/08/09/how-to-find-your-previous-nvidia-driver-version-specially-if-i-upgraded-from-a-previous-windows-installation/ Trying google etc just basicly tells you how to downgrade drivers, but I know that and I know I can download the driver I needed (when I know which) from example 3DGuru.
  8. yea i tried search it, 0 results. Also tried open them, but again couldn't access. Not so familiar with taking ownership over folders/files, in the security, prefer not to hassle with that. these folders normally is empty, or contains lots of harddrive space in them? (and are they safe to delete?) note: most folders were created/last modified in 2013-2015 too.
  9. Does it does this because of the C:\ drive is potentially full? If that is the case, then yes mine is potentially already full. And I understand it better then.
  10. Yea but why does windows update put those folders in my external hard drives HD elements? and not in example C/ or internal mechanical disc drive or SSD drive?
  11. Twister

    Is my SSD dying?

    I don't think its the SSD, it must be AVG. Normally anti-viruses boot up before you boot up windows to prevent the viruses from getting access first, so thats why it take extra long booting time.
  12. There is lots of folders on my external hard drive(s) I believe to be, a WD Elements of 1TB and 2TB , that says I don't have permission to access/open it, even though I am logged in as the admin user. If I try set access I still don't have permission it says, and the files can be as random of 1b8382dcb516e112dcfbfba9 or similar. They also have the "lock box" on them. I am wondering what these folders are and do? Since I cannot access them or remove them, if its a virus, if my hard drive is starting to fail, or if anything else. Would note to say I have about 11 of these folders on each drive, as soon you enter it. on the G:/ or H:/ or whatever. Example: G:/1b8382dcb516e112dcfbfba9
  13. I had a electrician here now, and looked at the electricity current problem. He says the Z-5500 speaker system uses a non-grounded base and the z-906 speaker system uses a grounded base. The grounded base is for safety and precautions but couldn't be the fault here. He says im using MAX load electricity all the time, and not efficient power to run enough power through my speaker channels to give out sound. He says it's not the speaker itself, it's the computer. So I have changed my computer position to another in my house (near the kitchen) and I now get sound playback from my speaker systems. It seems like max each fuse support is 1200-1400~watts and together the computer and speaker system would drain over 1200-1400~watts thats why no sound was coming out.
  14. Yes but I have 2 pair of z5500s, and I tried both. Even the z906, im not sure buying a 4th control pod unit would help, when all 3 pod units (2x 5500z, and 1x 906z) make the crackling noise. So power my sound station (my desktop PC with the sound plugged in at) at the stair hall grounded outlet instead, and use the speaker system on the non-grounded output, or also the output that have the same as PC? (from stair hall)
  15. That's what I did, I used the stair hall grounded outlet output with a extension cord to power the sound system. It was still dead, or well, first the static crackling noise came about then it was dead.