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  1. AskingForAFriend

    How does horizontal scaling stay at 16:9 on the Xbox?

  2. AskingForAFriend

    How does horizontal scaling stay at 16:9 on the Xbox?

    But how does the upscaling work?
  3. Read somewhere that the xbox fluxuates between resolution to keep at a steady frame rate (dynamic scaling or some shit), and in some Call of Duty game it fluxuates between 1920x1080 and 1360x1080. How is it even possible to maintain it at 16:9? What dark magic is this? Also other question about console resolutions: how does 900p look better on the my PS4 than my PC? I tested this on my own connecting both the PS4 and my PC on 900p Battlefield 4 and I can positively say that the PS4 does look better, some upscaling or something? Also 720p looks much better on my PS3 than PC. I tested both with different types of antialiasing and without
  4. AskingForAFriend

    How to not loose files after OS reinstall

    NAh fixed it. Nothing with the hardware, just software. It was bugged out and linux didn't like the format of my usb so it prevented me from reinstalling. Now I have a problem with the disk needing to be GPT to install windows. its so picky.
  5. AskingForAFriend


    Make sure that the RAM is dual channel for the best APU performance. Other than that, I would recommend getting a low range GPU for second hand, GTX770 or R9 380 or something along those lines.
  6. AskingForAFriend

    Failed to load ldlinux.c32

    "Also, if the checksum does in fact match try Universal USB Installer instead of Rufus" quote from a thread I read.
  7. AskingForAFriend

    Failed to load ldlinux.c32

    no clue, i got it from amazon already extracted. I found some software that might help (special extracting) but if you could reccomend some it would be great. Universal USB Installer is the one i found.
  8. AskingForAFriend

    Failed to load ldlinux.c32

    I get this when I try to reinstall Windows 10. The USB is in FAT32 and the partition is in NTSF (i think that how it's called) and this format works (it would take too long to explain how I know so just take my word). The Linux partition is on the same SSD as the Windows partition I want to use though. Any fixes or help?
  9. AskingForAFriend

    How to not loose files after OS reinstall

    Well update, if you read some of my previous posts, Windows is corrupt. I uploaded this in hope that I will be able to restore my data after the windows re installation, but it can't reinstall. Not through a USB drive, recovery or anything. broken.
  10. AskingForAFriend

    Weird blue screen of death

    Some hardware is likey broken. Try flashing a newer BIOS on the motherboard.
  11. AskingForAFriend

    RAM not working

    I've bought some new RAM for my PC to finally use dual channel, but it's not working. I'm using some bear bones SK Hynix 2133P RAM (both modules) and they're similar enough. The new module won't work; not in dual channel or even stand alone. I've reset the CMOS with the new RAM in and no success. What can I do? Is there some special setting for my MOBO that will allow it to work? Z170-P and an i5-6500. Working Module: 8GB 2Rx8 PC4 2133P UBO 10 HMA41GU6AFR8N TF NO AC 1535 Non Working: 8GB 2Rx8 PC4 2133P REO 11 HMA41GR7AFR8N TF TD AD 1711
  12. AskingForAFriend

    How to not loose files after OS reinstall

    Well, I'm not spending 5 hours of my sunday on reinstalling games. Ill tough ti out. thanks everybody for suggestions
  13. AskingForAFriend

    How to not loose files after OS reinstall

    I'm sure this has been talked about, but it's too long to fit in the google search box: my windows 10 copy is corrupted to the extreme not allowing for any Microsoft apps to work, so I need to reinstall windows, or "repair" is it's called, but I don't want to lose some 200 gigs of games and data. I've backed up my D drive (games drive) and my C drive can't be backed up. How do I continue from a back up after reinstallation?
  14. AskingForAFriend

    Windows 10 taskbar corrupt AF

    error 605, ill-formed data. I think I have a data corruption as I seem to be getting this error too 0xc000012f
  15. AskingForAFriend

    Windows won't recognize LAN

    nope never heard of it