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  1. Im in the market for a laptop. I sold my desktop recently and was looking for something well rounded. I dont plan on gaming on it but if i ever do i would like it to be capable of doing so. I was mostly into it for general web browsing, Photoshop and some video editing. Im on a bit of a budget all prices would be CAD not USD. I was thinking of an asus rog 16gb ram 1050ti
  2. unwytt

    Intel Driver Failing? HELLPP

    my ethernet always disconnects when watching youtube videos. Im able to fix it through my routers app but its getting annoying. Anything i can do?
  3. I figured id come back to this forum considering its helped me out a lot in the past with issues i cannot solve myself. I recently moved into a condo and previously i was using my router in bridge mode but now im using it in router mode to take full control of all the advantages it may have. I have a nighthawk r7000 if youre curious as to which router i have. When i first set up my router i couldnt get my ethernet cord to feed internet to my pc but it did to all my other devices. I called netgears support and they were kind of funny because they had no idea what to do what so ever. I figured it was the fact i had a static ip and i was right. My static ip i set up at my previous house wasnt working with now using this router in router mode paired with a new modem. Anyways, now that i have all my IP settings on dynamic and have my pc getting an IP on its own i have internet. The problem is my pc drops internet while all my other devices do not. When it happens im always curious so i login to my router and under connected devices it says my PC is connected. All other devices have internet when it happens so im assuming its a pc problem. However i could be wrong so i figured id ask. Just a little side note the problem is completely fixed if i restart my pc but nothing else ive tried has worked. I thought it may have been my firewall but thats not the problem. My question is whats causing the problem and or is there anything i can in my router settings to prevent this from happening?
  4. Hi all, im fairly new to pc's and im attempting to OC my i5 but i noticed something with my cpu-z. My mobo came with one and i figured id try to update it but instead of doing that i downloaded a new version of CPU-Z.. anyways i have ram thats rated at 3200mhz and have 16gb of RAM when i had XMP enabled one was saying it was pushing to 3200mhz the other did not.. i found the issue to be the CPU-Z that came with my mobo is giving false readings since AIDA 64 and the updated version of CPU-Z are giving me the same readings.. anyways the question is why would they be different? is something wrong with my ram? is it faulty? im at a loss.
  5. Summary Hey, i was running into a problem when booting my pc yesterday! the gpufanhelper app would ask for permission obviously id grant it but then id get some error message (listed at bottom of thread) as i looked into it people said to reinstall it.. although that never worked because every time i run the install it asks me if i want to delete all the files...i then proceeded to boot up my add and remove programs and delete AI suite from there.. still no success so finally i looked into how to manually remove every last bit of the program and i followed this guys guide: link : https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthrea...e-III-manually If you dont want to go to that thread heres what was told to be done:Step 1: Open Task Manager – End the following ProcessesAISuite3.exeDIPAwayMode.exeiUSB3.exeU3Boost.exeEPUShortcut.exeStop the following ServicesAsusFanControlServiceasComSvcaS HmComSvcStep 2: Go to C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\ASUS\ and erase all programsthe issue is that i cannot erase these programs because they are still in use even after ive disabled and or stopped all the processes in the task manager..if Ai Suite isnt really needed then i wont continue on with this pain in the a** but id still enjoy to have it wiped from my PC any help would be great.Also, ive already used CCleaner and im not aware if im using it wrong but it hasnt deleted these files either..even if i reinstall ai suite i still get these messages : "class not resistered, progID: "atkexcom.axdata" this message comes from both the Aisuite3 and Dipawaymode Thank You for any help!