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    Hong kong


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    I7 9700k
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    MSI z370 gaming pro carbon
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    Corsair vengeance pro rgb 3200mhz
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    Zotac 1080 ti
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    Corsair obsidian 500d rgb se
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    Samsung 970evo m.2 500 gb Seagate barracuda 1TB
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    Corsair rm750x
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    Asus rog pg279q
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    Kraken x 52 with corsair ll120
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    Corsair K95 platinum
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    Logitech g403
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    Logitech g533 Bose qc35 fender ten thirteen
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    Windows 10

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  1. Can anyone tell me if the new chromium based edge would consume less power than chrome? As chrome is really chewing down my battery life thanks! I know it does consume less ram though, but just wondering about it's power consumption and speed compared to chrome.
  2. Hello, i just spilled a little bit of soup on my razer blade stealth, but i quickly wiped it down and there seems to be no more liquid remaining, the laptop is working completely fine but i was wondering if there would still be damage sustained? is it safe for me to charge it now? thank you very much!
  3. please no macbooks lol, i hate apple as a brand and dislike mac os, but thanks for the recommendation anyways
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a portably 13 inch laptop with good screen for content consumption and great battery life for school, im very interested in the XPS 13 9300 and I'm about to make a deal on it, but I've heard from some people about heat, connectivity and driver issues on the XPS 13 9300, is that true? If so, what other choices should I look at? Thank you!
  5. Hello, I am a student and i am planning to study abroad the coming year, and I am looking for a laptop that can is light, with good battery life so I can last through a school day without needing to charge, and allowing me to be able to game at night I am looking into the new ASUS G14, but I am not sure which configuration would be a great balance between gaming and content consumption I heard that the panel on the g14 has quite some latency, so i was wondering, if i used type c display port, would i be able to get an external 144hz monitor with low latency and use that instead so i would have high refresh rate and low latency? Also, if i decide to go for the 60hz panel on the g14 and get a external monitor capable of 144hz, would that work? Thank you very much again! Ideally, i know it would be best to have a desktop too, but since im studying abroad that would not be possible sadly :(, thank you again!
  6. as i was worried that blocking off the front intakes for my gpu with the radiator would choke the airflow As my gpu is running a bit hot at 86C already Then what should i set the fan curves to? To the GPU or the CPU, as i am worried that when the gpu is hot and the cpu is running cool, the fans on the radiator, which are the only intakes, would not be spinning as much, restricting airflow for the gpu, thats what i was wirried about, thank you!
  7. Hello guys, im planning on getting the Z73 aio for my 4.8ghz 9900k, which is 360mm rad, im planning to front mount it as its the only place that allows me to do so, but i was thinking if it would make my gpu hotter So i was planning to do a push pull configuration on the cooler, 3 fans with a fan curve set for the cpu, and 3 set to fan curve for GPU, would that work? Would this improve my temps and would2 sets of fans with different fan curves on the 2 sides of the radiator work? thank you guys!
  8. Try getting an AIO from Corsair or nzxt, those usually come with a rgb light hub and connects to your Mobo with a USB 2.0 port, not 100% sure but you can give it a try!
  9. well the only reason why i am planning to switch from my x52 to Z73 is because a 240 is not enough for the 9900k