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    Coolday reacted to Statik in AIO 2 or 3 fans ?   
    There will be very little difference between a 240mm and 360mm AIO. Definitely not worth a $65 price difference.
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    Coolday reacted to Unilevers in Want to start mining guide me please   
    i mine on 1070 SC's on cheap power.  I make a profit but very little and the machines have already returned the investment from previous when ETH was high.  Granted i have ~36 of them running at any given time i do make a profit, but the margins are small and tight.  I would advise against anyone getting into this if you haven't already got the hardware and dont have cheap commercial power as you will just lose most likely.
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    Coolday reacted to j1philli in Want to start mining guide me please   
    Not profitable anymore, don't even try
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    Coolday reacted to Fasauceome in Want to start mining guide me please   
    You would see a very, very long return on investment time with a small group of asic miners. You really can't use mining to replace a job, and by the time you start to turn a profit, the vaccine for Covid 19 will probably have been available for a long time 
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    Coolday reacted to 5x5 in Want to start mining guide me please   
    It's not profitable. Hasn't been for years at this point.
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    Coolday reacted to TetraSky in Want to start mining guide me please   
    Don't bother. The only ones making money at this point, are the large mining farms with their own solar/wind power or some shit like that.
    You'll never recoup your money if you start now.
    Mining was only ever profitable for the layperson when it first started and if you held onto your virtual coins.
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    Coolday reacted to Kisai in This slot for what ?   
    Just download the manual.

    It's basically a PCIe slot.

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    Coolday reacted to minibois in This slot for what ?   
    It's an expansion card that you can screw two M.2 SSD into. That way the manufacturer (ASUS) doesn't have to find a place for two additional M.2 slots on the board itself.
    Most motherboards do not use this, it's only ASUS on certain boards of theirs.
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    Coolday reacted to minibois in This slot for what ?   
    Expansion card for slot M.2 SSD's.
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    Coolday reacted to nick name in AIO Cooler   
    Get this one:
    Thermaltake Water 3.0 360 ARGB Sync All-in-one 360mm
    That's based off of this chart from this site:

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    Coolday reacted to Boomwebsearch in AIO Cooler   
    That's okay if you don't want to include what country you are shopping in, I understand, although unfortunately I won't be able to help you with part suggestions that are likely to be found in the specific country you are buying from. 
    The Raidmax Zeta case has support for upto 280mm or 360mm radiators which is great, I would get an EVGA CLC 360 liquid cooler if that is available or my second recommendation would be Cooler Master's MasterLiquid ML240L RGB.
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    Coolday reacted to nick name in AIO Cooler   
    They want to know where you're from so they know what options you have available to you.  No need to be paranoid unless you live in a country where you being on the internet is forbidden and you worry we will turn you in.  
    The Liquid Freezer II by Artic is cheaper.  The Fractal Design S36 Celsius is cheaper.  The EVGA CLC 280 is cheaper.  
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    Coolday reacted to Jeppes in AIO Cooler   
    Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240
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    Coolday reacted to ShrimpBrime in Tried to oc my ram but did not work   
    No, just setting 3600 and the timings it's not gonna post.
    The board and memory controller need training. 
    So as I had stated already, incrementally increase the frequency from 3200mhz and up. IE: 3200, 3266, 3400 ect. 
    And you want to loosen the tRFC timing although I dont know what its running at 3200mhz, but loose loose for stability, tighten it up later for performance. Try like 700.
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    Coolday reacted to Hilltrot in Tried to oc my ram but did not work   
    It's like the difference between a 3600 and a 3600x.  On the advertisements, the 3600x is faster.  In truth, they are the same chip and can be overclocked to the same point.
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    Coolday reacted to Hilltrot in Tried to oc my ram but did not work   
    Almost all memory is defaults to 2667.  What is advertised on your box is the overclock that they have tested and placed on the memory as an XMP profile.
    Without the XMP profile, the RAM defaults to 2667 which is the speed DDR4 was designed to go.  The XMP profile simply tells the motherboard, "Hey, I can go faster - use these settings!"  The motherboard follows the settings and tries it out.
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    Coolday reacted to Ryan_Vickers in Running all cores at 4.2GHz degrade the CPU ?   
    As far as I'm aware there's no direct inherent risk to running at higher than stock speeds.  The issues come in through indirect means - to achieve those speeds you may need more voltage, and this can either harm the chip directly if you exceed roughly 1.35v (varies depending who you ask), or indirectly by simply making it too hot (but this can be solved by having a better cooler).
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    Coolday reacted to ShrimpBrime in Safe voltage for 3800x all cores 4.5?   
    Yes, the cpu is shipped max out from silicon binning process. 
    SenseMi algorithm works in conjunction with temperature to assure the highest possible boost clocks without user intervention.
    Also, the cpu maintains it's thermal margins and current draw much better than to set X v-core and clocks. There's a loss of efficiency there.
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    Coolday reacted to TheDailyProcrastinator in How to set max speed for this cpu ?   
    That's an loaded question lol, if you want to learn how Ryzen master works and precision boost overdrive I suggest going through some turorial videos and others that provide general info, this is a good start:
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    Coolday reacted to aDoomGuy in My HDD temp is 50c   
    Not a problem. 50o is acceptable, just not optimal. As long as it stay between 25-60o you should be fine.
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    Coolday reacted to TempestCatto in My HDD temp is 50c   
    50C is perfectly fine. A touch warm, but no harm no foul.
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    Coolday reacted to TheDailyProcrastinator in How to set max speed for this cpu ?   
    Agreed, manual OC for 3rd gen Ryzen is not recommended anyways. 
    It should boost to 4.5GHz under load.
    Anyways, 3rd gen Ryzen doesn't really OC well, nor does it yield much performance gained, fast RAM and adjusting PBO settings in Ryzen Master is best. 3rd gen Ryzen CPU's seem to show faster degradation symptoms if higher voltages are applied (something I recently learned). For long term 'safe' OC'ing voltages below 1.375V were considered to be fine. However, this rule of thumb is adopted from overclocking Intel CPU's, and previous generations of AMD CPU's. So for long term use I would NOT recommend OC'ing. Keeping the voltage low and adjusting PBO settings is the safest way to squeeze out some extra performance. 
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    Coolday reacted to Jurrunio in CPU is faster because ?   
    more cores mostly, though per core speed has not changed significantly so with tasks that does not benefit from more cores, Ryzen 9 wont be faster.
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    Coolday reacted to Fasauceome in CPU is faster because ?   
    Well it does have more transistors because it has more cores, and yes the clock speeds are higher (assuming proper cooling), but they have the same instructions per clock because they're both made on the Zen 2 microarchitecture