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  1. how you do it ? I cant do my 3200 RAM to 3600. I have gskills ripjaws v
  2. in previous experiment I got same numbers with 3800x , 4.4GHz at 1.35v but with stock cooler. The stock cooler of 3800x is completely different it has copper pipes and many heat dispensers, it is very similar to my Noctua U14 but in horizontal position. However I really afraid and worried to work on 4.4GHz all cores again.
  3. so I still have room to raise current voltage up to 1.35v and make it run at higher speed ?
  4. Hi I found in my motherboard X570 that I can select optimal CPU performance option for my 3800x and after I select it I found that in fact it adjust multiplier to 42 and I dont know if voltage changed it is at 1.29v . Will the cpu degrade because of this ?
  5. So Auto OC to 4.2 or reset all to just stock AUTO to prevent degradation ?
  6. really ? When I run my Asus TUF automatic OC it make it run at 4.2GHz at 1.29v (I think). so even motherboard OC is not recommended ?
  7. Hi I am trying to make 3800x all cores run at 4.5GHz but I am worried about safe voltage. I tried 44 multiplier with 1.325v but windows hangup however 4.3GHz run fine at that voltage so can I raise the voltage more ? Thanks
  8. Hi I was searching for safe 3800x voltage when I found this but what it mean high and low current loads ?
  9. Hi With CPU 3800x and Motherboard Asus Tuf x570. How I can maintain speed of 4.5GHz with boost overdrive settings only ?
  10. I have 4 TB HGST drive and I noticed recently that its temp is around 50c is that dangerous ? I have case thermaltake view 28 so it has only 2 hdd bays
  11. I selected game mode, auto overclock from Ryzen master but the speed never exceed 4.2GHz is there a way to make it reach 4.5 GHz ?
  12. What is PBO settings in Ryzen Master ? I am new to this tool.
  13. I had a B450 board that has a settings called gaming mode it set the CPU to max boost speed but in this board I can not see similar in fact it has a lot of settings I do not understand.
  14. The motherboard does not has a settings to see that max boost speed ?
  15. Hi I have the cpu 3800x and motherboard Asus tuf + wifi x570. How I can set this cpu speed to 4.5GHz like the specification ?
  16. Just for information: Ryzen 9 CPU is faster than Ryzen 7 because it has more transistors or more GHz ?
  17. About this board https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS-WI-FI/ I only have one nvme ssd for now is it going to matter to place it in one of the two slots or any one of them is fine ?
  18. What do you think about Elon Musk free internet, is it really going to work every where ? can it be blocked in some countries that want to get high $$$ from customers ? what will be the equipment to get up and down signal ?
  19. Does the DLSS work with all games or it has to be supported in each single game ? also I heard that AMD is going to make something similar to DLSS and Raytrace so any one know a news about this ?
  20. Hi guys after many tries I found that all recording gaming software has a killer problem: it lag the game alot , is there any fix for this problem ?
  21. can you guys tell me which port I connect incoming internet in wifi router ?