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  1. MorbidNature

    What pisses you off with PC building?

    If someone told me, Pay 5 bucks extra to have the IO shield mounted I would pay that in a heartbeat (probably costs them a lot less than that) as would most folks i think.
  2. MorbidNature

    What pisses you off with PC building?

    1. I have several magnetic screwdrivers, some PC part comes with NON-MAGNETIC (which is why i said it that why) screws. An example i recently bought a PCI express to 2 USB 3.0 Header (since my MB only has one), and it came with NONmagnetic screws that regardless of how much you try they will not stick. 2. the fact reminds that a lot of high-end board have their IO shield built it, why isnt that the standard what reason should there to mount it?! 4. I don't but turning it off especially where there is a power outage requires 3 types of software
  3. MorbidNature

    What pisses you off with PC building?

    Amen, brother!
  4. Just wanted to ask everyone what pisses them off about PC building can anything doesn't matter how big/small.. I'll start off products that don't have magnetic screws! Forgetting to put the IO shield (why can everyone just have it premounted is beyond me!) PC parts that still use Molex connectors - it's useless!!! SATA works just perfectly and there is an actual reason for it in a modern build the fact that you have to install at least 3 different application just to manage you RGB on a normal build (unlike most tech youtuber that get everything from the same vendor) There is a bunch more but that's enough from me...
  5. MorbidNature

    Front intake fan on a BeQuiet 600 Base

    As I said, Temps aren't exactly my main concern - it's mostly dust, grime animal hair, etc, that's the reason i didn't mention temps at first it's airflow to keep the internals clean.
  6. MorbidNature

    Front intake fan on a BeQuiet 600 Base

    As far as Specs AMD 2600 @ 3.85 Ghz (hoping to move to 4 fairly soon) CPU cooling: Noctua NH-U14S (with dual fans) Asus PRIME-B450-PLUS 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3000Mhz Geil SUPER LUCE RGB Palit GTX 1070 Ti Jetstream Corsair TX650M 80+ Gold WD Black NVMe M.2 500GB Samsung 850 EVO 250GB WD Blue 2TB 5400RPM HDD (X2) Under full synthetic load around 65 on the motherboard and 85 on the diode (From AMD Master & AIDA64) With my current setup (2 intake fans and 4 exhaust) To be honest im less worried about temps though it is a thing I keep in my mind - mostly it's dust and dirt. Even though i kept my previous PC in a fairly clean area off the ground I would have to clean it fairly regularly so I'm hoping to cut it down a bit. thing is I have several animals + I live in an area that has a fair amount of dust particulates in the air.
  7. MorbidNature

    Front intake fan on a BeQuiet 600 Base

    Like the NF A14? Should I Go for the Industrial version? or overkill?
  8. I'm considering what fans to get for my BeQuiet Base 600 front intake. Right now i'm using the 2 original case fans that came with it (a 140mm and a 120mm BeQuiet Wings 2 fans, if I'm not mistaken). Since the airflow is rather restricted on it due to the sound dampening front, i was thinking of going high RMP fans to overcome the restrictive airflow with 2 of Noctua's 140mm PPC 3000 RPM fan Worth the 50 bucks or just plain overkill? P.s as far as the top and back, have some cheap but really nice fans over there and I don't think there is an exhaust airflow problem (1 in the back, 3 on top all pointing out)
  9. MorbidNature

    Macro Keyboard - Same Keys?

    So I've recently bought 2 wireless numpads to work as wireless macropads. First works great, but the second one has a little "bug" to it. (bought 2 different types for different uses) The 3 of the top row keys which are the " ( " key, the " ) " key, and the $ key all conflict with each other which i try to reassign them in HIDmacro as if they were the same key - but in normal use, they work just fine. There is a "Del" key also in that row that works perfectly fine when reassign. I'm assuming it something is the hardware they remapped something or other. Question is it something i can get around or just leave those 3 keys alone (the rest of the numpad works fine)
  10. MorbidNature

    4pin RGB to 3pin ARGB?

    I meant with the current Fan Hub (AIGO) im currently using for the fans, which kinda screws me
  11. MorbidNature

    4pin RGB to 3pin ARGB?

    Which Will probably won't with the Hub im guessing...
  12. MorbidNature

    4pin RGB to 3pin ARGB?

    So I've used never RGB in my builds so far but as part of my upgrade, I decided to buy a few AIGO MR12 (Also known as Dark Flash, depends where you order them) Fans along with an RGB controller. The Fans work great even with the RGB on remote, but not with Aura sync... To be honest it's my fault I didn't notice the controller only has a 3Pin 5V connector, while my MB only has a 4Pin RGB header (Asus B-450 Prime Plus). Is there any way to make to use an adapter anything like that to make it work (I've been told ARGB and RGB work kinda differently)
  13. 1 - the number of user reviews is a big red flag but since its a dentist's review i could be something benign (Dentists don't necessarily attract super techy people) 2 - try to look at the time span that they were post - meaning if it all in one month, that is another big red flag (even if that doctor could recive 500 review in a month the odds of all of them leaving a good review is one in a trillion) 3 - look at the phrasing used if it "generic" or if its more specific, like people mentioning what kind of issues they had, various good qualities, etc One thing to note sometimes it's not bots it an actual person writing the fake reviews and in some cases its dictated by someone so even that makes it harder
  14. MorbidNature

    2 Fans One header

    Will hooking a 2 CPU fan with One header (using a 4 pin splitter) have any adverse effect / will it cause any RPM issues I've got a Noctua NH-u14S, overall really happy with it. So I decided to pimp it out a bit and get 2 Noctua Chromax fans (nf-a15 hs-pwm) for it. at first, I thought of hooking a splitter but now I'm wondering should I just hook it up to another fan header on my MB
  15. MorbidNature

    Headphone recommendtion needed

    Actually, i might go for both The CB-1 are 50$ so ill pair that with one of the open back recommendations, leaning towards the HE 4XX just from the reviews I've seen .