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  1. Not where I live... When it comes to shipping if you live outside the continental United States you are gonna have a bad time when it comes to variety and/or price
  2. In normal times I would go for a mesh office chair but living outside the states and most "office" supply store being closed its kind of a rough spot
  3. It's the chair as well - iv'e had it for a few years its done its job fairly well but there are alot of stuff that's wrong with it. The seat coushion is so smoosh that im feeling the metal bracket when sitting, the mesh is loose and when rest againt it i kind "sink" , my cats have been having their way with it so its pretty torn up and more. so its more of a upgrade/replacement
  4. Since my range of chairs is kinda limited i dont know if i can get Secretlab Titan but it looks cool. As far as office Mesh chairs, im using one right now the problem is no lower back support
  5. With the whole, "Stay the F**k home" thing i decided I need a chair upgrade. Right now Iv'e got my eyes on Noblechair Icon - It looks like an overall good chair - It's a bit pricey but enough to make me think that it's actually worth it so if anyone has any thoughs i'd love to hear them. Just keep in mind I live outside the US - which means no amazon and the amount of stores that work nowdays are fairly limited
  6. So Iv'e been looking to streaming, mostly online tutorials - mostly photoshop and photography related. Unfortunatly my home connection is kinda trash,getting around 40 down and 2-2.5 up when testing, and getting a faster such as fibre (and stable connection) doesnt seem likely in my area (Don't live out in the woods just shitty infrastructure) Now i can mange with those kind of speeds for downloading, watching etc, not streaming. And before you ask, I'm using Streamlabs OBS and yes Iv'e got the horse power to stream ( Ryzen 3600 @ 4.2Ghz and a 2070 super to handle the encoding). Even lowering the bitrate to 2000 is totally unstable, dropping frame like crazy, horrible upload speeds basicly unusble in any way. Now im not talking crazy quality, 1080P for youtube, even 720P for facebook would work, but so far no matter what setting nothing seems to work. My question is can i use a cellulr 4G modem (I mean like an acutal modem not a USB stick) to stream, is it stable enough? From what iv'e seen there a hard data cap of around 50GB upload i think it might be enough (not to stream every day but enough for a few a month)
  7. So im looking for a peice of simple software to sync up certain folder with certain hard drives and that can detect and update files. I'm want to back up certain folders on both external hard drives and network drives that are "off site"
  8. So im thinking of making a raid array to back up my stuff (about 6TB ), but i don't have much experience with raid. I know what it is and the different variations of it but not how to actually set it up So a couple of questions Number one or number two - I've got 2 systems - my main PC (Ryzen3600 @4.1GHz with 32GB Ram ) or my "media PC" which is an old PC i salvaged and stuck in a Mini ITX case (i5 3470 with 16gb of RAM). Do you think the old PC can handle it or should i put it in the main PC? Now keep in the old PC still need to work for media playback :) Do I need a raid controller from what iv'e read Windows 10 does have built in raid but im not sure how good it is The actual storage - currently Iv'e got 4 drives, 2 WD Red 3TB, 1 6TB WD Red and 1 6 TB Seagate ironwolf, will the different size drives be an issue? Also if you have any Youtube videos/tutorials on how to set it up that would be great
  9. Cool thanks. I think along with these it should pretty a good solution, kinda sucks Aesthetic wise tho... https://www.amazon.com/SEDNA-Hard-Disk-Rubber-Stand/dp/B00FO6YPJW/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=HDD+Cage&qid=1580852190&sr=8-7
  10. mind linking the double sided tape you used? (i know its kinda silly but still...)
  11. Kinda worried about the vibrations messing up the drive
  12. Yap... No dice. And no way to get that case in my area...
  13. So i just bought a Cooler Master MC600P, overall im pretty happy with it ( aside from the top radiator it was a pretty painless experience). But it would seem that i'm somewhat boned, one of the key features that I wanted in case was lots of HDD space, and while does have that, getting the drive cages for it appears to be quite unlikely its out of stock pretty much anywhere including Cooler master's website (they seem to have discon So i turn to you good people for any creative ideas to add more 3.5 Hard drives
  14. I know exactly what's eating that space... my files... I just cant access them for some reason
  15. So i recently upgraded my PC (new CPU, new MB etc, you get the point...) I did a fresh OS install install on my NVME but left my other drives alone. Last night I went into one of my storage drives and found out that whole massive folders were missing (Pictures, about 1.5 Tera). Now the drives shows it's full but the files themselves aren't "there" The hard drive is a WD red 3TB so its rather unlikely it failed (it's 3 years old without too much wear), I think its an "indexing" issue somewhere along the new install the files index got screwed up ,which is still showing the same size. Now I have backups for all the data that was stored there but it would be nice to figure out and recover what happen. If anyone has any ideas i'd love to hear them