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  1. Can I use the Gigabyte 280x heatsink fan to my Gigabyte G1 GTX 980 pcb?
  2. SNDJ14

    Thoughts on Palit Dual GTX 1070

    Not going to overclock. Will run stock.
  3. I stumbled upon a crazy good price for a Palit Dual GTX 1070. The seller is asking $125 and I can test the card before paying. However there seems to be no reviews of the card online. So any thoughts?
  4. SNDJ14

    Used GPU with big cooler

    Any relatively cheap (150-200) GPU models that have huge coolers (for aesthetics) Preferably maxwell and up and polaris and up
  5. Hi I plan to buy a cheap open box Samsung 75Hz freesync monitor. I mainly play Far Cry 5 and New Dawn and also Forza Horizon 4. So is 75Hz worth it? I have an RX 570 4gb and I usually play at High Settings or the tier below ultra to achieve ~75Hz.
  6. SNDJ14

    R9 Nano in 2019

    Hi. I managed to pick up an R9 Nano for 100 bucks. Is it a giod buy when compared to RX 580/590 and GTX 1660? What is the R9 Nano's relative performance in 2019
  7. Hello. I managed to get a good deal on an X58 motherboard and a Xeon E5620. The xeon has 4 cores and 8 threads and has a tdp of 80w. I plan to overclock it to 4Ghz but my question is would I notice any difference when compared to a build with a Xeon X3440 (4c,8t - LGA 1156)
  8. I might go with an i5-2500K since they are around $50 but the real problem is Z68/Z77 motherboards are expensive af
  9. Hi. I want to upgrade my old xeon setup to something better. I have upgraded to an RX 570 and the old xeon even if it is overclocked to 3.8Ghz seems to bottleneck the RX 570. Now I’m looking forward to an upgrade but I have limited budget for a processor and motherboard combo. I only have around 100 bucks. I am looking at i5 Haswell however Motherboard and Processor combos start at around 120 bucks so yeah
  10. SNDJ14

    GTX 980 vs RX 570

    Hi! Second hand GPUs are flooding my local area right now. I can buy a GTX 980 for $130 (used) however at the same price, I can buy a brand new RX 570. My question is I want to know what card will perform better (max overclocked). Thanks
  11. SNDJ14

    G4560 + RX 580 on Far Cry Primal

    CPU usage is at 80-90% while GPU is at 100%
  12. Hi! Wondering what FPS you get when playing Far Cry Primal at 1080p Ultra Settings. I average 55fps btw. The point of this comparison is to determine whether or not the G4560 bottlenecks the RX 580
  13. Hi. I bought a used RX 580 4GB and after installing, the hardware reserved memory became 4GB! My specs are G4560, H110 mobo, 2x4GB ram, and an RX 580 4GB all on WIndows 10. Any input will be appreciated
  14. SNDJ14

    X3430 relative performance

    It was an intentional downgrade and the $8 price tag of the X3430 really lured me in
  15. I recently sold my i5-2500 and Intel H67 motherboard. I then bought an H55 motherboard and an X3430 as replacements. I overclocked the Xeon to 3.86Ghz and I seem to have matched the multi threaded score I was getting with the i5-2500. I did not record the fps when I still had my i5-2500 but do you think they're the same in terms of gaming performance? The videocard I used for both the i5 and the xeon setup is a Radeon HD 7850 2GB.