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  1. Left 4 dead 2 Hunt showdown for a bit more hardcore
  2. totally agree with this guy. nothing wrong with micros as long as it doesnt affect gameplay. Also, i didnt know people still played natural selection 2
  3. common....hes so cute. thats why. Not to mention Yoda has been a staple in the star wars universe for sometime. Nobody knows what species he was or if he had any children. This could very well be his child.
  4. and if i were to switch out the non max with the max would i need to reinstall windows or anything like that?
  5. Im showing off this guy i saw at best buy this black friday 4 days ago He has the following: Xbox one Ps4 HP Omen gaming PC 2 144hrz monitors A turtle beach A10 headset i believe Corsair keyboard and mouse Mousepad Xbox controller Ps4 controller Some speakers Id say thats close to $2500 USD If anyone else finds anything let me know. I took a picture with the guys girlfriend in it amd she was rolling her eyes. But decided to be nice and edit her out.
  6. IF you can find a local guy that has his own meat shop and that sells the jerky fresh thats a better choice. Your not getting all the processed stuff from the companies that package meat.
  7. i got a 2700x with a 2060 a rtx 2060 would also go good with your 2600x
  8. Got a bow and arrow? Theres nothing like home made jerky.....nom nom
  9. where do i get the bios files from ?
  10. how would i go about doing that. ive never done a bios update or flash update before in my life. maybe once ive built a pc. I know that i should leave my ryzen 2xxx series chip in until the bios update is complete and then put in the new 3xxx?
  11. I have a 2700x with a b450 tomahawk (non max version) My brother bought me the 3600x for my birthday. I see some people have issues with the non max tomahawk bios update to upgrade to 3000 ryzen. Could i simply switch the non max tomahawk out with the max tomahawk?
  12. Is the rx 5700 on par with the 2060
  13. Hello this is for my girlfriend. She enjoys the same games i do such as COD Modern warfare, rainbow six siege, counter strike, battlefield, gears of war 5. Singleplayer fps games like farcry. Low end budget $700 USD Highest budget $900 USD no higher.
  14. Whats a good fps campaign to play while on break?
  15. I got the game and play the MP portion of MW. Just wanted to know if campaign is worth the time