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  1. i dont sadly, im planning between new psu or ups
  2. i can power the rig for around 3-4 turn on whole day without any of the issue and sometime in "selected" day, the problem can happen all day
  3. i saw people mention it for house with dirty power, but that thing is expensive i believe?
  4. they have repaired it few hour after it on fire i planning to power my rig on my friend house but i dont have friend
  5. System spec : I7 3770k MSI Z77 mpower 8gb ram R9 290 tri-x Seasonic x-660 i been using the rig for almost 3 year 2 month ago one of the electric pole near my housing area was on fire and created(?) power surge i believe and since then the electric supply on in the area are rather unstable (light,microwave,oven dimmed for a moment) I notice if i turn on the oven,microwave,iron etc sometime my pc will shut down. From my reading, electric component wont be damage if the electric is insufficient. Another problem is it turn off even without the situation i said before, be it either i just browsing the internet or doing heavy gaming. After the electric pole on fire situation, i cant turn on my pc after i shut it down normally or the sudden shutdown above ^^. I have to wait around 2 hours or more then i can turn my pc back. There still 2 year left on the warranty but i believe it wont cover for situation like this(fire)? So is this my psu problem on electric power in my hose area are way to "dirty"? *for those who wandering when the pole was on fire someone immediately turn off the power on the whole area, my pc was on at that moment and i wasnt at home
  6. IMO pc case on top of the table are rather disturbing(all those sound and lightning), if u put it down cable management might be easier on my own setup, after several year cable management start to go away, i will only do minimal job on it as long it doesnt entangled
  7. I run my computer on a monitor, and sometime i will extend(through amd software) to my tv sometime i cycle around my monitor and tv as primary display,the problem is if i make monitor as primary and then disable the tv display my monitor will render at 4k resolution and it will just show black screen, but if i enable virtual super resolution it will render in 4k so how do i disable from it automatically go into virtual super resolution every time i disable non primary monitor even i dont enable the feature in the first place?
  8. i know this thread is over, but im just looking to buy the same monitor how much u get that one for?
  9. nobody want that cooler tri-x
  10. can someone tell me about benq monitor lineup? mostly about the 24" 144hz some end with different number and letter... there quite few of them :unsure:
  11. if u pc running fine after those 2min, i think ur system might be fine
  12. any spare psu u can test/swap? if the same thing happen then it might be ur psu
  13. i ask from the shop that i buy my pc, i and i got the best answer i can get "should we charge u for this service(answering my/this question, not the RMA), u can send ur whole rig and "some money" and we will do the test" BS, i guess i have to do this on my own
  14. the same thing just happen again, but this time it happen around 10 min after i turn on the system, manage to reboot it again, i think i try to contact seasonic about this and probably get another backup psu if i gonna do the rma
  15. before that how do i make sure it my psu? *i dont have any spare psu to do the test *same thing happen (few min ago) the weird thing it happen on the same website/program/background program running, i will try to remake the situation just a preparation before i pay for the postage
  16. should i get a replacement? sometime it power on, sometime its not warranty is still left few month(maybe its over) 5 years but its way to troublesome
  17. few hour ago(at the time i post this) my pc suddenly shut down, i was just browsing the internet (no heavy program running) turn on the power and it fail to boot, only my mobo light are turning on from what i can say its not cpu or gpu related, temperature is perfectly fine, no coilwhine sound what make me say its my psu is it sometime fail to power on on standby mode, i can only power it afterward by unplugging the power socket on plugging it back or around 5-20 sec after turning on the power socket is there anyway i can check this? troubleshoot it? any info missing? i somehow manage to turn my pc on 5 min later... System spec I7-3770k (no oc) Msi z77mpower, 8gb ram, r9 290 tri-x, Seasonic x660
  18. so when can i expected 85% discount? 1 month after release?
  19. i believe sold out, but from multiple user reviews it does not that far in performance to tri-X
  20. can i know how much do u guys pay for a normal size pizza(whole plate)? i find pizza are ridiculous in price around here..
  21. im not :wub: leafblower sound nicer to me
  22. i get the same problem, my friend and i(specs are rather the same) game keep getting crash(again) kick out of server, punkbuster issue *just been getting this problem this week