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  1. What exactly you mean by that 2600 weakest point is the 144hz? That it stutters or just that it dosent hit that high fps in non esports games?
  2. Yea. Well i might upgrade to 144hz but still 1080p
  3. So for a while now i was saving money for ryzen 5 2600 and now that the 3600 is out i dont know what to do . My budget is right now little below 300 euros . I want to upgrade my ram aswell to 16gb 3200 mhz . I can buy 5 2600 with b450 board and buy the ram aswell but if i go with r5 3600 i cant get ram and i have no idea how i could get the bios update on b450. I want to get the r5 3600 because a lot of people have been hyping how good it is and it is for future proofing so i dont have to worry about my processor being shitty. I dont know which is the logical choice here?Will the r5 2600 fall of soon or no?I want to have that processor for atleast like 3-4 years . Im also planning to buy rx580 or maybe something even better like a gtx1080. What are your suggestions?
  4. Lol. What monitor size do you have?
  5. I want to upgrade my monitor to a 144hz a monitor but i would like to also upgrade the size . Right now im on 21inch 1080 monitor and to be honest i hate the size . I feel sort of disconected when playing some games and maybe im stupid but i feel like its the monitor size . . Its hard to explain but i feel like people who have used 21 inch monitor might know what i mean . Anyway i have heard that 24 inch is sort of the sweet spot for quality and size but i feel like that is not big enough upgrade . Im wondering is 27inch 1080p really that bad? i have seen people online saying it is bad and u can really see a lot of pixels and stuff but i dont think it can be that horrible can it?
  6. Hey . Im going to buy a new processor and ram because of huge stuttering in my games . Im looking online trough benchmarks and the processor i want to get has good framerites . But then there are videos with extra graphs and one of them is is fps graph and other is frame latency graph or something? Anyway its the lower one in the screenshot . Anyway a lot of those graphs have these ocasional spikes and im wondering are those stutters?Because i see them on a lot of these videos and i ran msi afterburner and i see them myself when my game is stuttering. Do all procesors have that and is it normal or is the cpu shit? https://prnt.sc/oj5kil
  7. So right now i have single channel 8gb ram which i partially blame for my game stuttering . Im upgrading my system and im wondering should i get 16 or 32 gb ram? Common sense implies to me that 16 should be fine but for how long? And i hate that i cant even run chrome in background with 8gb ram without starting to noticing hiccups and stutters . I have like some sort of ptsd now . Is the 32gb worth paying for double the money ?
  8. Can i buy the 3600 on a b450 motherboard and start the pc and perform the bios update?Or i the pc wont start if the bios isnt updated with 3600. How does it work?Or can i buy motherboard with bios already updated and if so which ones are?
  9. Hello . What motherboard do i need for Ryzen 5 3600? Is B450 enough and if so i have heard that you have to update bios on some motherboards . I dont know how to do that and i have intel cpu atm .
  10. Will Ryzen AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 be compatible with B450 motherboards? Because that is the only reason why im afraid to wait . I wanted to get 2600 with b450 but if 3600 is compatible then i will surely wait . Can anyone answer?
  11. "Best answer: You can use a total of 64GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM at speeds of up to 2933MHz. It's possible to overclock the RAM to go even faster, though you'd risk system instability." This is what i have simply read on an article . So that means i have to Overclock it to get to 3200 mhz dosent it? Othervise it just runs at 2933
  12. i havent . If i go for 3200 mhz wouldnt it just run at 2933mhz?
  13. What mhz ram should i buy for Ryzen 5 2600? I heard people say that Mhz matters alot for Ryzen processors . A lot of people seem to go for 3200mhz with Ryzen 5 2600 but i did my research and it says that Ryzen 5 2600 max system memory speed is 2933mhz and motherboard can achieve 3200 with overclocking . What do i do? How does it work? Should i just go for 3000mhz ram and dont overclock anything or do i go over that?
  14. Probably CPU but if not maybe shit ram or HDD?