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  1. [Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC]

    What is a good replacement for a Siberia 200?

    The headsets themselves almost never break, but over the years i get a lot of wear and tear on the cables from cable friction so the Siberia's always die at the end where the cable plugs into my device. If it was not for that i would have gone with the siberia's again.
  2. [Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC]

    What is a good replacement for a Siberia 200?

    Did a bit more research on the mh751, multiple reviewers say the Bass is not quite up to par with a boomy mid but lacking sub-bass and its the sub-bass part i really enjoy about my Siberia. Currently considering the Roccat Cross. Update: Looks like that is not going to be it either, exactly what i was looking for but apparently breaks sooner than my siberia's do.
  3. [Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC]

    What is a good replacement for a Siberia 200?

    The Cooler master mh751 looks very interesting (Same one without the USB DAC, i already have similar USB dacks lying around) what is the bass like compared to a Siberia 200 / Siberia V2? The mic is great and it is detachable but i can't find proper sound recordings online of what they sound like.
  4. [Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC]

    What is a good replacement for a Siberia 200?

    I am not sure if the Sennheiser sounds similar in terms of Bass to the Siberia and they do not appear to have a microphone if i look at the specs. The HS70s seems to be a lot closer to what i am looking for but unfortunately does not have a 3,5MM jack option which means i can't use the headphones when combined with my phone and i'd be stuck with the compressed microphone audio that the USB version seems to give.
  5. [Bouncy] -|Henky‼|- [TTC]

    What is a good replacement for a Siberia 200?

    I am a really big fan of the Siberia 200 headsets, but after having gone trough my third pair of them I think it is time to find a suitable replacement and find an alternative. The sound design on a Siberia 200 is perfect for me, it has a nice noticeable bass that can be quite subby if needed in cinematic scenes / bass heavy music but simultaneously gets out of the way when a lot of bass would distract from the rest of the song while not sounding thin or cheap. Another good thing about the headset is the fidelity of the microphone, while it doesn't really capture bass it captures what it does in a good resolution which means it gives a very studio like sound when i EQ some extra bass in. But then there is the headsets biggest flaw, the cables. The cables are very thin on the side that go in the laptop and as a result i usually wear out the cable after 3 years rendering the headset to only have audio in one ear cup with the other ear cup cutting out more and more until it eventually stops functioning. This is what i would like to remedy in my next headset with detachable replaceable cables. There are plenty of headsets with detachable cables, especially wireless ones but its very hard to find one online that has a similar nice sound quality to both the headphones and the microphone. I am willing to spend twice as much as the Siberia 200 costs, which is 160 euro's. I did try the Steelseries Arctic Pro and was really disappointed with how they sound, the bass is very lacking and treble sounds like a tin can even if i amp up the bass which makes it harder for me to trust reviews saying a headset has good sound quality. Does anyone know a suitable replacement for this amazing headset? I have attached a graph of the kind of sound stage the Siberia produces (Red line in the graph).