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  1. I am optimistic about crypto but due to its high volatility and just how complex the whole process is compared just buying stocks of a public company I wouldn't recommend crypto to basically anyone as of right now. Let's see what the future holds for it though.
  2. Might be. Personally i heard this news a couple of hours ago and I just wanted to see the community's perspective on this and inform y'all
  3. via: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/11/official-monero-website-is-hacked-to-deliver-currency-stealing-malware/ The official website for the digital currency Monero was hacked and modified to deliver a malware disguised as crypto wallets with the purpose of stealing user's' currency. Researchers found that there had been changes made to the Linux binary was a script that ran when open which sent your wallet seed to a server. The Windows CLI wallet functioned similarly. At the time of publication of this topic and article from which this was sourced, one reddit user has claimed to have lost his/her coins due to the installation of the Linux binary. GetMonero's advisory has yet to claim the any vulnerabilities in the website and if the site had been fixed. There is a download link of the Linux binary meant for developers and researchers to analyze and comprehend the code.