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  1. Speakers generally cost more for the "same" "quality" just because there is more to them/play at louder levels/just bigger
  2. No. Unfortunatly there is already a lot of places/people that do this, so it is not really a good option for a successful business.
  3. 12 Monkeys was... interesting, but I liked it. Has Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, so thats cool. Very interesting movie though....
  4. $30 board to fix this 4k 70" smart tv i got on craigslist for $100. So now $130 later i have this great 70" 4k smart tv
  5. I would change the back fan to blow out, should work better to remove the hot air up top
  6. yeah but thats kinda rice, putting a wrx/sti spoiler on my normal 148hp CVT impreza. Was kinda thinking about it though....
  7. Yeah, and the set of 4 was only $150 on craigslist. Would be more rally-like if I actually had the WRX instead of just the impreza, but oh well
  8. spwath

    Hey car guys

    I have an Impreza, 2012, so like the Crosstrek, just lower. CVT: I don't mind it. It works. Like, it's not especially sporty, but it's not a sporty car. Fuel economy: I average about 30mpg. Crosstrek might be a bit worse as it's higher, but still excellent for an AWD vehicle. Power: yeah not too much of this. Not really a problem though, unless trying to pass someone or accelerate super fast. It's slow, but not too bad. Better than my old 2006 RAV4. Overall,I like the car. Good fuel economy, not bad to drive, AWD for snow and stuff. Comfortable too.
  9. spwath

    Can you rewire AUX?

    You cant get a headphone out from an amplifier that doesnt have a headphone out (at least in a good way that makes sense to do)
  10. Changed to a Silverstone ftz01. Very compact, but still supports full size GPU, and atx power supply. GPU behind plastic thing on right side
  11. My g shock gmw5000b syncs with my phone with Bluetooth, but it's like $500. So gold though....
  12. The standard Xbox controller is just boring. Something more interesting would be cool, and maybe there is something better Yeah, expensive, but I am considering it...
  13. Need a new controller for my PC to play rocket league. What's the best Xbox controller? Looking for something a bit more interesting than the stock Microsoft controller.
  14. My corsair h100i rgb isn't sketchy at all. 2 screws holding in the radiator, cpu heatsink screws with extra springs holding on waterblock, stata connector cut off and wires soldered directly to psu cable.


    Works though...

    1. GDRRiley


      my h105 only has 4 screw on the rad. its only on 1 side

    2. Bombastinator


      Bah . Screws.  Bailing wire and duct tape.  There’s also zip ties.  I had a 212 zip tied together for years because I broke the side fins.  Worked fine.

    3. spwath


      I think the sketchiest thing is the part where it is soldered directly to PSU cable

  15. Bought this 38" monitor for a crazy deal of $400 on craigslist.
  16. Just bought this 38" monitor on craigslist for $400. Also new DAC
  17. Ok, I thought those might have been it, tested fine for continuity.
  18. Still can't get it to work. Could it be my 450w seasonic isn't delivering enough power?
  19. I don't see any f, just c capacitor, r resistor, L, U, q, and d
  20. Ok, I will try that, time to take off the backplate. Thanks.
  21. I get this message when using a 980 ti. Card might be broken, old psu blew and took Motherboard with it. I am running it with a 450w seasonic psu. I5-6400. That's all I get on the screen though. Is the card just dead? Yes I made sure the 6 pin and 8 pin are plugged in.
  22. Bought a few monitors on craigslist


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    2. spwath


      The 18 have displayport and HDMI, only the 3 dells don't.


      The samsungs are actually LG, I was mistaken, DVI and VGA on them

    3. Bombastinator


      1680x1050?!  That’s not 1080p. Sounds like a resolution designed to fit a particular old not good iGPU well.  Something that’s a bit chuggy on 1080p

    4. spwath


      Yeah, its 16:10 and not 16:9, so like a res for 16:10 that's a bit below 1920x1200