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    LTT unofficial official Zoid Of Geeks Co Creator
  • Birthday 2000-09-15

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    The North Star State
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    Animation, Game Development, Tech, and more.
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    I'm a 19 year old guy that likes games and tech
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  • CPU
    Main:I5 7400 Laptop:I5 6200u
  • Motherboard
    Main:HP propietary Laptop:Dell proprietary
  • RAM
    Main:8GB DDR4 ????Mhz Laptop:8GB laptop 800Mhz
  • GPU
    Main: HP GTX 1060 3GB(Igpu Intel HD Graphics 630) Laptop:Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Case
    Main:HP Pavilion Power 580-023w Laptop:Dell Inspiron 15 5559
  • Storage
    Main:1TB WD Blue 7200rpm Laptop:1TB 5400rpm
  • PSU
    Main:HP(Lite On) 300w Laptop:Dell
  • Display(s)
    Main:Acer Curved ED242QR wi Laptop:Dell(probably)
  • Cooling
    Main:Stock Laptop:Dell
  • Keyboard
    Main:CM Storm Laptop:Dell(probably)
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Performance
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  1. "Even old New York was once New Amsterdam"

    "Why they changed it I cant say"

    "People just liked it better that way"


    U HISTORY M8!!!

    BRITISH IMPERIALISM BABY!!!!!!! queue god save the queen but the metal version