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  1. I've had more issues with Macs lately than Windows machines. Considering the fact that I'm the systems admin for a network with over 1000 Windows machines on it and I only have 50 Macs, that's saying something. For the computers that "just work" they sure as hell don't. Oh, and Adobe can eat a bowl of dicks.
  2. Nothing that goes in my rectum. Other than that, I'm game.
  3. Sounds like a wimpy network. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my network in the school district where I work.
  4. It won't ever hit the container. It has to be handled by a licensed and certified recycler contracted through and approved by the board of education.
  5. OneDrive sucks. I say that from a professional standpoint.
  6. Funny... Searching for an image by exact size still isn't there.
  7. That sucks. I use exact resolution for finding wallpaper images...
  8. Yeah, that's about it. The test is otherwise very similar. NJSLA is only for New Jersey. Not sure what it's called in other states.
  9. As I've said before, I'm the systems administrator for a public school system. NJSLA (formerly PARCC) is still very much a thing for me.
  10. Pearson's existence is wrong. PARCC/NJSLA is a tragedy.
  11. You know... Your stories aren't so much about non-techies but more about idiots with anger management issues. And how do you know so many people who build computers?
  12. Let's just headcheck here... You're not pulling them out while the machine is running, are you?