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  1. It can be useful for when you want to run programs on multiple devices. So sure, go ahead and do it.
  2. I would like to use 2 but because of some websites that need these passPHRASEes I have to get more.
  3. Kotaku is a perfect place to find can't live without knowledge.
  4. Here's some ideas. Sell it Buy motherboard from some local store Take the risk of second hand online sellers
  5. With the ones that you have still listed go with the WRX.
  6. Starting to really doubt how up to date my internet speeds are.
  7. These companies are just getting silly now. Google fiber is the future, these companies just have to deal with it.
  8. Craigslist is a great place to get things cheap but you will have to be ready to deal with really shady people.
  9. Seems like a waste of some money, not very powerful, too many hard-drives, and a superfluous amount of fans.
  10. Have two 970s and they are for the most part silent. Definitely nothing I would notice without trying to.
  11. You will be able to play most games on 4k ultra but not AAA games because of their ridiculous textures and quality.
  12. Ebay, computer stores, and a couple of nearby repair stores.
  13. Malandrix

    400$ GPU

    I just picked up 2 970s recently and can tell you that even as solo cards they will run what you want. Reason for 2 is 4k Also the card should work even with an AMD GPU
  14. I tried using the supposedly offline Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /Source:F:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess but I was told that the source file could not be found. My installation disk was the F: drive
  15. So I had to reinstall my windows 8 operating system because of a corrupted operating system and all seemed well until I tried to install my games and curse. Now when I try to download the .net framework I get the error code 0x800F0906, After trying all the solutions provided on the microsoft support website I have still not been able to install the .net Framework 3.5. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Did some thingies (Also really unique giveaway) Thanks intel and Gigabyte https://twitter.com/TheBunnehRealm http://www.facebook.com/yror.flannigan
  17. Oh, this was a HORRIBLE issue for me. It took me 5 hours of tech support and disassembling my case 75 times :) All you need to do is: 1: Boot into windows safe mode 2: uninstall nvidia drivers 3: use an earlier addition of nvidia drivers That is all you need to do, it is what I have done and it now works fine!
  18. Im used to be really fat, im white, bunnys are fat and white, and bunnys with internet weird voicing sounds like bunneh, so that's why i am called Bunneh
  19. I love windows 8, I have windows 8 running on my main drive and windows 7 on my secondary. Windows 8 has: Fast boot speeds Better CPU efficiency Better Gaming FPS Modern UI AND Desktop Remote Desktop (Pro version needed to be host) So All in all Windows 8 has been a great upgrade for me. Windows 8 Pro gets Bitlocker and EFS for encryption
  20. I myself own a Galaxy Note II and cannot go to any other type of phone. Only thing is apple thinks that they have to keep it smaller, thinner, and come out with the new phones when everyone is going to buy. If they come out with one phone every 1 or 2 years they will be selling a new one to many of the buyers. If they make one every half of a year they will not get as much sales. Unless they were to make this note sized phone once and thats it. Only thing with that is once apple comes out with a new version of iOS your device is quite useless. I know this from having an iPod touch that is now useless XD
  21. An ssd is for speed obviously, if you want to give a nice little upgrade for your computer just get a 60 GB ssd and install your OS on it. You WILL see a difference.
  22. I think that we need to give the windows store some more time to mature and then people will start buying, but yes, buying the OS before the price rises is very ideal.
  23. Back when I was 3 I was having much fun with Paint, then I heard of dragon fable in about 2007, then In 2010 or so I heard you could make custom maps in COD: WaW and I was like wow! Then I realized how much better the PC was compared to all consoles, and I made my build December 25th, 2011.
  24. Pictures have now been added to the main post, your welcome.
  25. Battlefield 3, Binding of Isaac, Counter Strike Source, Counter Strike:GO, Gmod, Elder Of Scrolls V: Skyrim