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  1. If I put in a 3rd card completely unrelated such as an gt 240 would I be able to use that for other displays, or does it have to be another 970?
  2. Right now I am running 2 gtx 970's https://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=04G-P4-2972-KR Running a 4k monitor, a 2k monitor, a 1080p monitor, and a 1280 x 1024 monitor all running at 60hz. Recently I've been wanting to pick up a 144hz monitor so I was thinking of buying a cheap third card for my 1080 and 1024 monitor. Anyone have any tips? I dont want to put too much work on my GTX 970's
  3. It will work, just make sure to get your sli bridges and your motherboard is compatible with SLi
  4. Hmmm, would this 1080p have a VGA port? Seems like HDMI would be a better idea no? Anyways it should run.
  5. Keyboard and Mouse for most games Controllers for Adventure, Indie, Console Ports.
  6. You would need to go out and buy another key. You can get them cheap enough.
  7. R9 290 Best performance in that range if you aren't willing to go to the 970
  8. CoolerMaster Haf 932 Advanced but am looking into a Corsair 900D I feel like a lot of NZXT cases are just too showy.
  9. Looks real slick, I like it. I don't really care about size though.
  10. I don't know. As someone who jumped from an i7 2600k to an i7 4930k I saw maybe 2FPS differences. It all depends on what you have in the background. If you are JUST gaming there is no need for 6 core cpu and 16 gigs of memory.
  11. Check the label on the harddrive, should be there for a decent amount of them.
  12. If that's what 760s are selling for I might as well just give mine to my cousins.
  13. Sad to see that Netflix has to do what others say. I guess business is business.
  14. It shouldn't be too hard for someone to come up with a makeshift "client"
  15. I use x360ce for games that have xbox controller support. If the game has no controller support try xpadder or Joy2Key
  16. Just got some EVGA 970s I know exactly how you feel. Great size, nice look.
  17. Depends on what website you want to download from.
  18. 760 will play them all.
  19. I liked the movie, the only important recognizable song was Firework.
  20. Great show, never skipped a single moment!
  21. "touchmate rainbow" Sounds like something used for "interesting" websites that you could dispose of on the fly.