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  1. Another thing, Simply opening Streamlabs OBS and having it on the screen besides me brings the issue up, which is weird.
  2. Ty ill give this a try. Question though, what if my frames dip below 120? will it get choppy again? Edit: Didn't help
  3. (Using streamlabs OBS) I have an i7-8700k, an EVGA 2060, and 16GB of RAM. Attempting to stream 720p60; bitrate of 2500, while trying to have 144fps gameplay on MY end. But for some reason I get mad FPS drops and an overall choppy and super input-laggy experience. Can any experienced streamers out there help me? edit: I've tried streaming on : Software (x264), Hardware (NVENC), and Hardware(NVENC) (new) to no avail.
  4. I have a really specific issue. I have a CAT6 ethernet cable to my PC, and a couple days ago I started getting high ping out of no where, i tried to reset my wifi settings with: ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /renew ipconfig /release netsh winsock reset [restart pc] to no avail. I reset my router, reset the router to factory settings, nothing. I am completely lost. I tried to plug in my laptop to the same ethernet and it was getting really good ping. Please help me [edit] i also just recently a new motherboard so maybe i need a bios update? however I was getting good ping for a while with the new motherboard so I dont think thats it.
  5. Ok so i got a new monitor, and im trying to use my old monitor as a secondary monitor, I have both monitors plugged into the GPU, new monitor is on DisplayPort, old is on HDMI, but only the HDMI monitor has signal, the new monitor using DisplayPort isn't being detected, can someone please help?
  6. I want to understand how though, not just a simply copy and paste
  7. What about circuits and wiring actual components?
  8. What’s about the actual electronic parts? Their tutorials are for programming I believe.
  9. So I’m already a decent java programmer, so I decided to buy the elegoo arduino super starter kit, and while I was looking at everything, I realized I had no idea how to use the breadboard, what resistors I need, what even needs a resistor. I have a basic knowledge of resistors, leds, and simple parallel and series circuits. My question is, is there any place out there on the internet that can help me learn 1) How to wire all these components together and 2) how to use the arduino language If there’s an online tutorial for all this, or maybe a book somewhere; I’d greatly appreciate it! thank you ??. TL;DR Where can I learn to create arduino circuits, and program an arduino other things that use the arduino? edit: I will respond to messages in the morning.
  10. Try taking off the springs? Or the keycap?
  11. So I’ve had a Corsair k95 plat, I enddd up returning it because my left shift key felt extremely odd and not mechanical, so I got different switches next time around, and a different kB. I got a k70 mk2 cherry mx red. But again, some of my keys feel like they’re mushy or something. So I know it’s not a defect because it’s happened twice. My question, does Corsair use O-Rings on some of their keys? Is there a way to fix this?
  12. I linked a picture, https://imgur.com/gallery/7VpcOa5
  13. I got a mechanical key tester from amazon, and I don’t know which key switches are what. A lot of them look the same! I know MX Brown, black, red, blue, and green, The rest I have no idea, can someone please tell me what key switches the two white ones, and the two gray ones are. The white one is clickyish, the one under it is more tactile, the first gray one is very linear and has a heavy actuation force, and the one under it feels like the 2nd white switch ( the tactile one )