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  1. So I live in Australia and it's summer right now so its averaging around 34 degrees celcius and I'm wondering if 76 Degrees celcius is safe for my gpu and cpu during this time as I only have one exhaust fan for my acer prebuilt computer. I have a i5 6400 and a MSI Aero GTX 1050Ti
  2. I am planning to upgrade to an EVGA GTX 1050Ti Single Fan but I am not sure if I will need to buy case fans as I do not have any. So is my GTX 1050Ti alright without case fans or will I need them to keep it cool? GPU: https://www.ple.com.au/Products/628724/eVGA-GeForce-GTX1050Ti-SC-4GB-GDDR5-Displayport-DVI-HDMI