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    Jacksonville Florida
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    Almost anything Tech and car Related
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    Hey i'm Amazing i am from Jacksonville Florida, i am into anything (almost) on this forum. usually i just browse this forum on my free time just reading.
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    Library Asstnt.


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    AMD Ryzen 5
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    Nvidea GTX 1080TI
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    1 TB Storage, 120 Boot, 500 GB
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    X4 Coolermaster Fans
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    Logitech ball mouse
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    Sony SRS-A3 External PC Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. https://www.thestar.com.my/tech/tech-news/2019/04/15/foxconn-is-poised-to-begin-mass-production-of-iphones-in-india/ Does this move mean the phones will be made more expensive than the A$1,799 iPhone XS Max??
  2. According to a weibo by president and co-founder Lin Bin, the company is working on a much more advanced implementation of the technology. the new sensor is able to wake and unlock the phone with a single tap. But there not the ONLY company that is developing this technology...
  3. i mean... its microsoft. do they care? i doubt it. but yes i have this issue as well
  4. i am wondering what brower is everyone using. i am using the browser in the steam application and chrome. and i wanna know what is your prefferance.
  5. woops wrong fourm srry im nnew here
  6. good thing i got someone to check BC i didnt see it didnt have a GPU
  7. i want to get a laptop for gaming and some school work. here are the ones i got. any suggestions you are more than welcome to leave suggestions to. laptop for gaming and using it somewhat at school. here are the ones i chose.
  8. the intentions: play a few games, discord, call, text ya know the usual everyday use
  9. ah ok because my contract for my phone is about to expire i just wanted to know the preference.
  10. What Do you all think about IOS or Android?
  11. i would go for the I5 6500 but they are almose reletivaly the same clock speed i5 7400- 3.50 GHZ i5 6500- 3.60 GHZ