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  1. I took out the stick but I have no idea what to search for as there are many numbers and letters on that white colour sticker.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion bad sadly I don't have thermal paste with me to be able to reapply it.
  3. Just a question, I saw that the price for that graphics card in the link you posted was like $100+, I see other people selling a 1060 3GB for like $400+ does this mean that my graphics card isn't really that good?
  4. Ok I've uploaded it with the sticker on it now
  5. This is a 1060 3GB graphics card, but I cannot seem to find the company that make this graphics card. I read articles online about OEM graphics card, is this one of them?
  6. What is the difference between a Asus 1070 Ti turbo and a Nvidia 1070 Ti? And is the Asus 1070 Ti turbo good?
  7. I see, I thought there were only Bronze, Silver and Gold, didn't know there was Platinum and Titanium too
  8. Btw does the Bronze, Silver and Gold mean anything?
  9. Is there a power supply that you can recommend me for the 1070?