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    I like JDM cars and RGB
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    Ryzen 5 2600X
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    Asus X470-F
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    2x8GB Trident Z RGB 3000 MHz
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    Masterkeys Pro L (MX Brown)
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    Logitech Z333/Hyper X Silver
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  1. That looks great, however I've already bought the mobo so I'm not sure if I can fit a 1080Ti into my budget, but I'll definitely try
  2. Looks good, however have you considered 2nd gen Ryzen? (2600)
  3. After what is now almost six years of using a laptop with GT 650M, I've decided to do an upgrade, a big one. I am planning to buy 2600X and pair it with GTX 1070Ti. My first intentions were to buy Turing once it comes out. However it just isn't what I was hoping for and those prices, I don't even want to talk about that. Yes, ray tracing does look good, but that is kinda useless when you cant afford it.:D. So I quickly reopted to Pascal and I think that 1070Ti is a card worth buying. Since I want to do some 3D and videoediting besides gaming, AMD is better choice for me, especially now, when prices of Intel CPUs are so inflated I've already bought the mobo, because I got a good deal on it - I got the AIO gratis with it. There are also some other things I want to discuss. I am still not sure if I should buy the GPU now. 2070 benchmarks are just around the corner so I'll wait at least for that. However there are also rumours about yet another Polaris refresh, that could maybe lower the prices just a bit. Or maybe the prices will rise owing to US tariffs - I know that EU isn't directly affected by them, but what if manufacturers decide to increase prices here too by few percent to make the difference between EU and US smaller? I was also thinking about waiting till 7nm GPUs arrive. Like getting something really cheap now and upgrade next year. On the other hand I really don't want to wait any longer. Almost every day I see a game coming out which I'd like to play but my PC can't handle it. So, that's basically it. What do you guys think?
  4. Tell him to get MSI Afterburner so he can check his clocks and temperatures during gaming, maybe that'll help you identify what is causing this.
  5. Maybe your CPU is doing something in the background some of those background operations require more power, so the CPU's load increases and with that rises the temperature.
  6. True, but I'd still go with Ryzen, it's better value. It has more cores, more threads and it's also unlocked
  7. Bought a mechanical keyboard - MX Brown Masterkeys Pro L - one of the best investments of my life. The typing is just so satisfying :D

    1. minibois


      Yay for Masterkeys keyboards! Got this exact board, except I got the S (TKL) version.

  8. Ryzen 2600, same price as the 1600X but bit better in single-thread performance
  9. Take all the money you have and get that RTX card, just as Tom's hardware says JUST BUY IT. Well, I don't really know what to do with the card, you could maybe use it as a decoration? Or maybe you'll be lucky and you will repair it succsessfully. There are tutorials on YT, but I've never tried it though
  10. As i said, price in CZK includes tax (VAT) which is 21%. So: 13 990/1,21 = 11 561CZK = 449EUR without tax And so on and so on. Also price in the US is usually lower, because there are no import duties or anything like that. For example take Ryzen 2700X. On Amazon.com it costs $320. However, on Amazon.de the price is 320€ = $375, so yeah. I think my prices do make some sense. You don't even know how much cheaper HW is in the US when compared to Europe or rest of the world. In the US RTX2080Ti costs $1200, but here? The price statrs at $1450 and some AIB cards cost up to $1700 and in some countries the price is even higher.
  11. I don't know prices in your country but maybe try looking for 1070Ti instead, you'll get much higher performance with more or less same price I'd personally go with 250-500GB SSD for system and some games and big HDD for everything else. And I also suggest regular SATA SSD over nvme one. You'll save some money. Monitor? Depends on what would you like. High refresh rate or high resolution? Both maybe?