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    i5 650 3.2ghz
  • Motherboard
    some intel crap which didnt come with usb 3
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    gt 1030
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    cheap ebay £30 ting
  • Storage
    250gb 860 evo and external 1tb hdd
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    500w dodgy ting that came with case (replacement due)
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    some lg thing
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    1 fan ​​​​​​​
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    adx keyboard
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    afx mouse
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    cheap ebay £1 sound card
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. Yeah that’s what I’m on about! Shit finally a way to describe it
  2. Nah because I can trigger it in other places than just my jaw, it’s harder to trigger it in my jaw
  3. Since I was little there’s been this noise in my head that I could control, idk how to describe it but it’s almost like there’s a muscle in my head I can control which makes these noises, it also happens if my close my jaw really tightly and close my eyelids really tightly (without scrunching em) anybody know what this is, whenever I look it up online all I find is titinitus which probably isn’t the case as everyone’s ears ring now and then. The sound is like an incredibly low F# (lower than capable on piano). Anybody recognise this?
  4. so I'm trying to replace my boot logo using the legacy boot method and its going swell until I try to sign my boot.dll using signer on which at that point it asks me to connect a smart card, now I've tried the "gpedit.msc" method and it does not work, any suggestions. using this vid as a tutorial:
  5. The title basically explains my problem. Im trying to do oculus link on a gt 1030 seeing as i was able to play vivecraft without any performance issues when streaming it to the quest (very poor experience streaming it on 10mbps), unfortunately the 1030 isnt on the list of supported cards, is there a workaround for that or am i gonna have to save up for a 970 just to play minecraft in vr lol
  6. Yeah yeah I’m using socket lga 1156 in 2020 so what. My motherboard has no usb 3 ports on it whatsoever, I had to get an adapter to use my case USB’s heck my mobo doesn’t even have hd audio. I own an oculus quest and I’m loving every moment of it however I want to try to run vivecraft or some other light vr games through oculus link however my pc ain’t even got usb 3 let alone usb 3. So I’ve been looking around and found these usb 3 pci cards, if I get one of those and a link recommended ankor cable would that work? here’s the one I’m looking to buy https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223797734394
  7. So basically, I have a GT 1030, i7 870 and 16gb of ram, I’ve tried running vive craft and it works at 100+ fps tho would I be able to play it via link, also I have no usb 3 ports on my pc so would I be able to get an adapter to possibly use multiple usb 2’s as a 3?
  8. So basically, i bought a quest the other day and oh boy have I been enjoying every moment of it, ive started to use sidequest a lot to sideload shit but ive been wondering, i know you can stream pcvr games to it but i have a shitty 2.4ghz wifi connection, is there any possible way to use a usb c cable to play pcvr games on quest or do i have to wait until november for oculus link
  9. So basically, there’s a game that I remember playing back in 2014 called The sandbox (Called ‘The sandbox building and craft’ nowadays). Unfortunately it hasn’t aged well and whenever I try to launch it on my iPhone 6s it zooms into a corner upon and becomes unplayable, a bit like what the og half life did when you set the resolution to the lowest except with this there’s no steam launch options to fix it. Any ideas on how to fix it
  10. so basically, the other morning I woke up to find all my chickens dead, twas a mink that killed them as I found a nest at the stream right by my house. We also get a shit tonne of rats around my area so recently I’ve been looking into air rifles to invade a nest but I’m basically just walking through this blindly. What’s the best bang for your buck air gun that I could get preferably .177 caliber?
  11. Self-explanatory. can I use a program of some sort to play online with friends using LAN, preferably in Minecraft so I don't have to set up a server.
  12. i can get into it and use it just not anything icloud related lol
  13. So basically, My grand dad gave me his old iphone 5s a year or so ago although back at that time i was an android scrub and didnt think that much of apple. recently ive been starting to use it more and more often as my daily driver (instead of the S5 mini because that thing is slow af) although theres one slight issue, his icloud is locked onto it and my grand dad passed in january. seeing as none of us know the password nor any of his details im looking for ways to remove the Locked icloud email on there without contacting apple nor jailbreak. Any suggestions, its running ios11.4.1 and i do have itunes on my pc (no brainer anyways lol)