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  1. Seagate st2000dl003-9vt166 HDD I don't have money to buy ssd now.
  2. Hello everyone I need help. So I bought first pc ever! I was ( and still am super happy), but It performs badly. So I have gigabit Internet. And whenever I download something through steam, torrent or anything else my hard drive acts weird. For 5minutes or so It writes fast I mean 200Mb/s. But after that It drops to 20Mb/s and then it literally eats my ram (24gb of them). Task manager shows 99-100% Ram usage, but does not show which program or task is using it. And after I restart my pc around 24gb of file i was downloading is corrupted or just gone. I tried Seagate tool, sentinel tool but both show 100% health. My rig: Intel 4690K Zotac 1080mini Msi z97 gaming 5 Mobo Hyper x fury 24gb 2400mhz ddr3
  3. Eyb0s


    How now i understand why you keep attacking, eat some meat boiii and stop being self righteous f**go (nothing against gay people) you shouldn't care about other people and if they vape. You have big problem.
  4. Eyb0s


    I understand you perfectly for me it was healthier alternative to smoking in next 6 months i will try to drop vaping.
  5. Eyb0s


    Stop hating, i didn't ask you or him to start vaping, and mtl is when you inhale small amount of vapor first in your mouth then in your lungs similar to traditional cigs, but you only need few puffs every hour
  6. Eyb0s


    You see, you are part of problem, because you are not researching your statements:) if you will send me some articles with legit research material that vaping is worse than smoking i will pay you :)! No because i dropped regular tabacco cigs Ohh please send me some legit articles about popcorn lungs :), like really legit not philip morris sponsored stuff
  7. Eyb0s


    Yes, i have quited smoking for 6 months now
  8. Eyb0s


    Hello, so i just wanted to ask is here any people who vapes? What devices are using?