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  1. You aren't getting any headphones with a type C connector for that price, unless you go dumpster diving. My advice would be grab a USB-C to headphone jack dongle, then pair it with any headphones you have. That's the only way you'll get something under $10.
  2. An overclocked top tier single-threaded CPU, 32+ GB of fast RAM, and NVMe storage. Even then be prepared to lock down tons of stuff that causes even minor lag if you want 50 people to have an okay time. 20 is the absolute most I would recommend for a single modded server. Before setting your mind to do this, try joining a modded server like you're describing, especially one where people are nearing the endgame of the modpack. I guarantee you it'll be an awful experience. Blocks won't break for 5 seconds, every mob will be rubberbanding, and machines will run at half speed at the best of times. Minecraft just wasn't made for what you're trying to pull off.
  3. Plenty of phones have IP ratings, and you don't need to look for IPX8 ratings to get a water resistant phone. IPX8 is just a blanket term for anything more water resistant than IPX7. The manufacturer gets to decide what that 8 means. A phone that can survive three weeks in 100m of water would be rated IPX8 the same way a phone that can survive 30 minutes in 1.5m water (which is the rating Samsung used for all their IPX8 phones, and the only difference between that and IPX7 is 0.5m more water) would be rated IPX8.
  4. Is the right GPU being used? Some programs don't like using the dedicated GPU unless you force them to. Open task manager and check what GPU is being used while you run 3DMark, (make sure to check while you're in a benchmark run) if it's GPU 0 it's running on your CPU's iGPU. To change that, go to Settings -> System -> Display -> Graphics settings (or just search graphics settings, that's probably easier) and go to graphics performance settings. Choose "Desktop app" and browse to the 3DMark exe file, select it, click on "Options", and make sure it's set to run on "High performance".
  5. I doubt the cooler is a deal breaker, they probably have a cooler already, but IMO no warranty definitely is for just £30 less.
  6. The tape was intended to take some pressure off the CPU die, and to give a bigger surface area to push down on the chip so it had better contact with the socket. If your setup is working now I wouldn't expect that to change just because you used a different kind of tape.
  7. There are some high end server options out there on both Epyc and Xeon with more than 7 PCIe slots, but afaik nothing with a footprint similar to a mac pro.
  8. Also works with START %0\..\program.exe And I'm pretty sure START %~dp0\program.exe works as well. Pushd and popd save the folder you're working in to a stack, they're generally best used to change the working directory and then return to where you were.
  9. Bad PSUs are significantly less likely to die or cause component damage than you seem to think. Remember that there are millions of computers out there in offices around the globe running 230W OEM PSUs that would be six levels below F-tier on the PSU tier list, and yet they don't die every four months, or even four years. Are they worse than other PSUs? Yes. Do they die? Yes. But it genuinely isn't very common. You only hear the horror stories, so the bad tales seem more common than they actually are.
  10. The FX-8320 has a TDP of 125W, and the 1050 Ti has a TDP of 75W. Add that together, add 5W for an HDD, 5W for all the fans, chipset around 10W, 5W for the RAM, and a little bit of extra power on the CPU because those never quite stick to their TDP. You end up with about 230W. Add in power supply inefficiency, which is probably somewhere around 80% at that load and you end up with right around 300 watts from the wall. Seems reasonable to me.
  11. No solid numbers on PCIe 4.0 x16 vs x8 to my knowledge, but based on the difference between PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 I wouldn't expect any performance loss until you drop down to 3.0 x8 or 4.0 x4, since that already had a small performance dip with the 2080 Ti. Tests by Kitguru. https://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/dominic-moass/nvidia-rtx-3080-pcie-4-0-vs-3-0-scaling-analysis/
  12. Probably along with the Ryzen 4000 desktop chips like the 4000 mobiles released with the 3000 desktops. As to when that will be, nobody knows.
  13. For big launches the items are commonly reserved either as you walk in the door or even in line in front of the store. If anything you're less likely to get one doing that.
  14. 100C is totally normal for a laptop. It's not good, but it's normal. Microprocessors are delicate beasts, so they kneecap themselves at way lower temperatures than most dumber electronic components, for example MOSFETs will easily run at 120C 24/7.