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  1. All my devices have wireless ground lugs, the fire inspector said it was "dangerous" but those guys don't know what they're talking about.
  2. BobVonBob

    Can't get a USB working

    Right click on it and select "simple volume", that should take you to the volume creation tool. Format as exFAT.
  3. 1.1 Yes. A USB-C to USB-C will carry all of that. A USB-C to DisplayPort will only carry the DisplayPort signal. 1.2 Yes. USB-A is not capable of charging a laptop. 2 Sort of. 10 bit color can help prevent banding, but with a good 8 bit signal you probably won't get much anyway. You also need to have a 10+ bit color file, which isn't necessarily a given. 3 If you want power delivery from the monitor USB-C is the only way to go. An external dock can do the same thing, but that obviously requires a dock, which may not be the best option.
  4. BobVonBob

    Changed my case and doesn’t turn on

    It will be split into two groups of 4 pins.
  5. 1. "Gaming" vs "Productivity" monitors isn't a thing. What matters is the panel type, and both are IPS, so both will be very similar in color reproduction. Although the first could accept 10 bit color if you get a graphics card or add in card that supports it. (Quadro or Radeon Pro/FirePro GPUs) 2. If you use a USB-C to DisplayPort cable you will not get power delivery. 3. DisplayPort over USB-C with a USB-C to DisplayPort cable loses all functionality aside from a display output. The USB-C to a USB-C port uses DisplayPort to show an image, but also includes power and data alongside that.
  6. BobVonBob


    You need to say what the PSU is first before anyone else can tell if it has the cables. Look for an 8 pin PCIe cable. If it's there then yes it will work.
  7. BobVonBob

    Photoshop UI Impossibly Small and Unusable

    Photoshop CS2 came out in 2005. It definitely doesn't support HiDPI displays natively. Here are two other links that look like they could help. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/high-dpi-scaling.html https://www.danantonielli.com/adobe-app-scaling-on-high-dpi-displays-fix/ If neither of those work you could either switch desktop resolutions every time you use Photoshop or use a different software.
  8. It's on most 1060s, check out this image from TechPowerUp, some similar residue is on theirs. https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-gtx-1060-6-gb.c2862#gallery-4
  9. BobVonBob

    Can my setup run two 1440p Monitors

    Yes it will run both, but you will need to use the DisplayPort connections for Gsync.
  10. BobVonBob

    Photoshop UI Impossibly Small and Unusable

    https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/sui_feedback You can bump up the UI Scale.
  11. BobVonBob

    How to clean a laptop screen?

    Grab a cloth, preferably microfiber but any will do, wet it with water, wring it so it's just damp, then clean the screen. Grab a paper towel to dry the screen afterwards so you don't get streaks.
  12. BobVonBob

    RGB on 2080 TI FE?

    Nope, although I believe it is possible to change it to red or blue by rearranging the wiring on the card. I wouldn't recommend that though.
  13. Are you having issues when dragging around windows? If you aren't it's perfectly normal for the dGPU to be idle when a game or other GPU intensive task isn't running. Nvidia Optimus switches between the iGPU and dGPU on the fly to reduce power consumption.
  14. That's probably not happening then. A powered USB hub is the way to go in my mind.
  15. BobVonBob

    How to edit an existing apk with Java code?

    IntelliJ has a Java to Kotlin converter, it works best on IntelliJ IDEA but there is an online version. However you can't go the other direction. https://try.kotlinlang.org/#/Kotlin Koans/Introduction/Java to Kotlin conversion/Task.kt