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  1. I'm quite new to servers, but I've set up a Rust server from my PC. The day before I got my wifi change from broadband to fiber I managed to open the needed ports to allow my friends to join my server. After the change of Wifi I can't seem to get the ports open anymore. I've followed every turtorial there is it feels like. Here's what I've done: - Set up Port forwarding in my router (see image attached). There's one menu where I can add Port Forwarding under the "Network section", and there's one where I can add directly to the spesific conected device.I've added the same port forward command both places. - Made a new rule in Windows firewall for the spesific port I want open, in this case: 28015. - I've made my IP static. - I've tried to see if the server is possible to connect to if I turn my Firewalls off. No change. - I've contacted my ISP with them telling me there's really nothing they know or can do about it - tried enabling DMZ with "Host IP adress" being my computers IPv4 adress while also having selected my PC as host from the drop down menu. I've contaced my ISP again to ask if they can figure out if the firewall in the router are blocking any ports. They're not allowing me to do anything about the firewall through the router controllers. They said they'll come back to my about that. I'm also wondering why my SIP keeps loading? Is the ISP relevant to getting the server online and accessable for others? All help is appreciated! In advance: Thank you!
  2. Is there such thing as a DisplayPort to DVI Dual Link 144hz Cable? I only found an old thread saying the only thing to find is one at 100USD, but I'm hoping that's changed now? If you know of one please tell me. I have a 144hz monitor with no DP input and the new graphics cards doesnt have DVI anymore
  3. I used to be all Apple, now I've swapped most of it and am only left with an iphone, but I do really miss the ecosystem. Mainly the fluent synchronization, being able to text and call from my PC/laptop and etc. Will Windows ever get something similar? Cause I think many chooses Apple plainly and mainly cause of it. (I did watch Linus' video about 10 ways apple is better).
  4. I've been searching my motherboards manual up and down without finding anything? Can someone please help me? I've got 1 stick right now, but gonna have 2 next week. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-X570-P/HelpDesk/ Thank you!
  5. So when I started this a couple weeks ago I didn’t have in mind to build a wooden test bench, but since I didn’t have the tools to weld pieces apart from the case, I decided to build a wooden bench with some inspiration from YouTube. I’m quite happy about how it turned out in the end and it’s functionality, though it’s not finished yet as I’m gonna drill holes for the cables to go through and the power button will be drilled to the wood. Just need the tools first
  6. A friend of mine is having some issues with his work-PC (laptop). He's using programs such as Solidworks, Vray, Sketchup and Unreal engine. While using these his PC is slow and crashes a lot. It has a i7-6700hq CPU, 16GB Ram, GTX 970 (or better cant remember correctly). What I'm asking is this: What would be the best hardware to put together for a PC to run all these applications smoothly? What should be a priority hardware wise? Recomendations for a "budget build" and a "ultimate build" is apprecitated.
  7. So I tried to google around a little after watching Linus 30dollar Test Bench. I even tried to order from Taobao, but they dont seem to send it to Norway, based on what I understood of Google translates translation. I got kind of annoyed since I didnt want to spend 30+ dollars on what litteraly is a a piece of accrylic with a few screws from Aliexpress... I decided then that I will take on this project of building my own Test Bench. I started last night trying to take my old PC case (Corsair Carbide 270R) apart and see how I can do this. Thanks to Luke's video of when him doing the same thing, for the tip of using a drill to remove rivots. I used 2h last night trying to remove by hand which eneded up giving me some water blisters in my hand.. So far this is where I'm at. I'll post the final result when I get there
  8. I have a pair of DT 990’s and I wanna pair them with a sound card but not sure if I should go for an external solution or internal. My father in law might be able to fix me a good external sound card, but would I be better off getting an internal one meant for gaming since that’s mostly what I’ll use the DT’s with?
  9. I've been looking around on forums for an answer to this: is soundcards dead for music and gaming? Have motherboards and headsets gotten so good that you dont need a PCIe soundcard or similar anymore? Or is it still good/an upgrade if you want better gaming audio, etc? Say: using a DT990 headset. No surround so or anything, would it be necessary?
  10. I'm currently using the HyperX cloud 2 with its USB soundcard. I'm considering getting the ASUS Strix Raid Pro Sound Card and eventually getting the Beyerdynamics 990 to pair it up with later, but my question is: Is it and upgrade pairing that soundcard with my HyperX headset? Is it an upgrade at all going to the Beyer's and the Asus sound card?
  11. My CPU is running at these temps while I'm gaming (added image). I'm streaming too, so I know it takes some tall on the CPU too, but 91 degrees C? I've never overclocked it and I'm running a Cooler Master ML240L cooler on it, which should be really good. My brother uses this cooler and he says he's reached a min.temp of 15C, so, yeah...
  12. Never heard of that? Is there any guides for that? I do have a Pentium 6th Gen CPU that I could use then.
  13. I planning on build a PC for my dad who turn 80 soon. He's still going strong and uses his computer quite a lot. Very easy/low load software for Work, and facebook is a what he uses it for the most, but the computer he has atm is REALLY slow. Though my family once tried giving him a laptop with WIN10, he hated it, and went back to Windwos XP cause that's what he's familiar with. I'm planning on transferring he's hardrives over to the new system so he doesnt loose his programs and files, but I have no idea what components that would be compatible with Windows XP. Again, there's no need for an insane GPU, but a good CPU and RAM would help him out a lot.