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    Mechanical Engineer


  • CPU
    Intel 4690K
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    G.skill Sniper 1866Mhz 8gb
  • GPU
    Nvidia 760 Asus 2gb
  • Case
    Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
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    1Tb WD Blue HDD + 750Gb Samsung HDD + 250Gb Samsung Evo SSD
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    Antec Edge 650W 80+ Gold
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    Asus 24"
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    Thermalright macho 120 rev.a + 2 140mm Phanteks + 1 200mm Phanteks
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    IBM Model M
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    Chinese one (gotta change that)
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    Windows 10

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  1. Wish this tool would help React OS, but I'm sure they already have their ways with things.
  2. Clean install the drivers? Or try some older iteration, should take a few minutes to test.
  3. Guess my rose tinted glasses are acting up again then.
  4. Being born in the distant past of '92 I sure do miss the blockier and simpler look of Windows 98. If only Classic Theme wasn't removed from Windows 10 I'd be able to get the true old experience of it, there are some work arounds, but nothing seems to match the true golden look. Maybe I should buy a crt.
  5. Wouldn't you mind sharing some info about this reservation? Do you have any dates?
  6. Personally I'd be against buying used after ( if there will ever be an after ) mining craze, not for the " used " factor, but mostly for the principle. "Oh you've snagged 10 1080s and now that theres no market on mining you wan't to sell your half used gpus? Enjoy your 10 sli rig you magnificent cunt." I'd gladly wait half or even an entire year before buying a decently priced new gpu.
  7. Repairing would cost too much, and only Asrock would be able to do it I think, why not buy a cheap motherboard with an H81 chipset? You can find those on Amazon in the very cheap side of 40-50$. What this guy said.
  8. Maybe you could find an nvidia 670 for cheap (around 70$). With my 760 I can play PUBG just fine with low medium settings with an Intel 4690 at stock, plus Heartstone and Paladins just fine maxed out on 1080p. A Q6600 is a pretty hefty bottleneck so I'm not sure how the two would fare in today's gaming.
  9. At this point I would test every component on the Z97, if it posts there it means that you've got a dead motherboard here.
  10. The local IT suggestion was an H81 motherboard for 110€ (assembly included) but I can find the same one for 41€ on amazon, it might not be a High end one but good luck finding a new one for cheap (talking about z97). At this point in time ( even if money is not a problem ) I'd prefer to limp my way towards a new generation of cpus and gpus, everything is working fine I can game I can browse and everything mildly intensive so theres no worry.
  11. Maybe the ram is not compatible with the motherboad? Try and look for the compatibility list of ram for your Asrock.
  12. Have you checked if the gpu is not the problem? If only the video signal is missing you could try and see if it booted correctly into the desktop. If it takes a minute to load into your desktop you could try and wait till it loads, at this point press 1-Win + D to show the desktop 2-Alt + F4 3-Enter If it shuts down it means that the system is booting up correctly ( even if the screen is black ). If the test is positive you should check your video cables and the gpu.
  13. Remember to quote the user you're replying to or we won't receive any notification. Anyway I think you should check the ram, usually if I get a blank screen it's because I didnt't seat the ram properly, also maybe you should go yo a tech shop, I'm sure that they have some motherboard speakers lying around that they can gift you or sell you for a buck or less. Have you tried changing the motherboard battery?
  14. After a long 3 hours of "Getting Windows ready" I set my cpu on stock, pc is working fine but I don't think that was the problem. It looks like that I'm not able to turn it on only if I'm not able to shut it down from the start menu. For example if I have the "Getting Windows ready" and I force the shutdown because I hope that'll fix the 1+ hour of waitig ( for anyone reading, it doesn't ) even if I remove the plug and press the shut down button for 30 sec I still have to wait around an hour before trying again to turn it on. To reiterate I have tested the psu at the tech shop and wattages / voltages were fine. So yeah I think I'll go on with this small stump for a while, hoping to reach the 4 years mark of usage. Good luck me and thank you guys for the support.