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  1. After a couple years with the ex my old antec aluminum case came back home so I thought it could get a fresh new look. Tore down all the plastic facia on the front and drilled out the rivets internally that held the tray mounted storage matrix for the 5.25" hard drives. That freed up a ton of room in the front basement for stage 2 of the build but that's for the future. Slapped in a crap mobo with a second gen i5 2500k and my steps sons old 660 video card he just upgraded to a 1070. Custom mounted the h60 heat sink and artic silvered ftw. Took apart the power supply and replaced the fan with one of the 5 I got off eBay from China. Went Christmas shopping and got a 250gb 850 evo ssd for the primary boot drive, and installed it along side a 2tb WD green for archive. Mounted the rad push pull in the rear for a perfect fit for the coolant lines and mounted the rest of the fans that gave it a creally cool look. Filled in the front unused orfices with old computer part from old builds. This thing literally cost me 200 to build because I got a half decent ssd and a blue ray burner as the only purchases. It runs great. 64 degrees CPU temp at stock clocks all day long. Son loves it plays minecraft at 370fps. I love it, it streams paw patrol for the baby and mines crypto at night looking like a boss. Behold, the ultra budget old school almost Christmas all show no go custom fab did this mostly high build