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  1. Probably not a steam key then, or simply invalid. FFXIV comes in a steam / non-steam version (both play on the same servers), so it might just be the non-steam version. Also I recommend going through the non-steam version anyways.
  2. To be totally honest tho the Base Model does run the RAM at 2666MHz (altough there might still be 2933MHz sticks in it because mass purchase reasons) so to rebuild the base model 2666 MHz RAM is probably alright. But yea workstation cards do carry a higher price, but after all, even if apples profit margin isn't that high, it's apple we're talking about there will still be an apple tax.
  3. Oh I really didn't watch it that closely. Thanks for telling me that I honestly wouldn't have noticed. Now this does make it a little more interessting. But to be honest it still isn't hard to manufacture. Spherical cavities aren't that special and there are tons of machines that can achieve those. The "other holes" inside of the main sphere are just straight up drilled through (altough at an angle) as far as I can tell. All I want to say is that they didn't have to develop amazin new machinery for it. It's not that special of a thing to do. And I never wanted to say you can do this at you garage. I said my company can also do that. But tbh I think someone who does it as a hobby enough and has the right tools around can probably also do it. See above
  4. No not everything is cheap in China. But laser cutting holes in a piece of metal is certainly not more expensive than it is in germany.. because we do actually do that in parts of the company I work for. Even in germany it's not that expensive. Edit: On that word I actually really still like how they designed the mac pro, especially the removal of the outer shell to access the mainboard and hardware and stuff. I don't want to discredit the work they put into designing. I just want to tell you that laser cutting two layers of metal and then putting them above each other is not that expensive. The whole case is certainly something special tho and I don't deny that.
  5. The "machines and processes to carve spherical holes" is industrially also known as every ducking metal laser cutter / drill ever. They are normal holes I really don't know what you think is so special about that. Lasercutting a piece of metal is a pretty negligible cost especially when you prob do it in China anyways.