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  1. I played the game a little. There's a few minor things that annoyed me about it, like the wishy washy lame theme / atmosphere they're going for. It's so over done that it makes me want to vomit. "Guardians", "Light", " Darkness", and "The Traveller". Random cool things and names thrown together haphazardly. The competitive multiplayer isn't great considering the way their load out system works. It's just a game of rock paper scissors and whoever was lucky enough to start out with the gun that will beat your gun wins. I feel like they have the makings of a good game, but they really need to polish this up.
  2. I'm glad that music discovery is becoming more of a focus for YouTube. Found Sithu Aye just because of that alone.
  3. Looking from the outside and in hindsight makes it far easier than being in their shoes at the exact time. I'm sure there is plenty of information that went into their decisions that we, as the public, are not privy to. Had you been a CEO I'm sure there can be repercussions and consequences to your decisions that you would not have been able to foresee.Also, cheers for the loaded question. I'm disputing whether you actually are better than him. Have a little fucking self awareness, please.
  4. "this is my own private domicile, and I will not be harassed... BITCH".
  5. The sheer arrogance this exudes can not be understated...
  6. Honestly I'll just say it. I quite like Google+. While managing accounts absolutely sucks, the actual network isn't too bad. Some of the communists are great, friendly and helpful, like the c++ community and the gaming community, and I enjoy the amount of control you have over who sees what. It has some huge issues though like the follow system which does need some extra explanation, but beyond that I've just seen most of the hate come from having to merge YouTube and since then everyone else just jumped on the bandwagon.
  7. I don't think it's stupidity, I think it's malice. Someone made a great post summarising the events with relevant links, and unless she is entirely delusional it would seem clear that she is a dishonest individual attempting to gain attention through controversy. No doubt a backward site such as Gawker or Polygon will pick this up and run with it in the name of being "progressive" (and thus I began to hate the word progressive unless it was followed by "metal").
  8. Any idea what engine this is using? It looks old to me. The particle effects and the character models. Might just be me though.
  9. BallGum

    The Jolla Tablet

    You can run Android apps to some degree but even so...
  10. I've never really been a fan of the iPad design (I'm sorry, but metal for a tablet just doesn't feel good in the hand). Good on Nokia for trying though.
  11. Also. Can't stop laughing at the annotations: "BS" and "PBS" (bullshit and pseudo bullshit, respectively).
  12. The thing that had been on my mind is that it took us a long time to continually refine classical computer architecture to get to where we are with it. Quantum computing right now is in its infancy, and, as far as I know, has potential to be a lot faster than classical architecture in certain regards. When it eventually does become mainstream, I'm worried what it will mean for software developers and computer languages.
  13. I quoted the article. This is what android does. It purposely fills up memory as unused ram is considered to be wasted ram. It then clears the ram whenever an app requests more memory.
  14. Oh my word the comments here are ridiculous. It's essentially in beta. Do you want to know why the price was high? They only wanted a small amount of *committed* people to try it. It's a new and rather revolutionary product that is going to take a lot of time for society to get used to, so they didn't want to sell a bunch of units when there are many bugs and such to sort out. When it's ready for release it will cost around the same as a smartphone. Pretty much all the other criticisms are based off of this (low adoption because of price, small market due to price.)
  15. It seems fake, and a lazy attempt at that. Anyway. We all know anyone who tries leaving Ubisoft ends up in the hole ubisoft is digging
  16. Since I've been playing civ I can't help but notice real world parallels to the game. Damnit China, get your spies out of Washington and try getting some mercantile city state allies.
  17. There is also this to consider: http://www.howtogeek.com/127388/htg-explains-why-you-shouldnt-use-a-task-killer-on-android/ Proponents of task killers notice that Android is using a lot of RAM – in fact, Android stores a lot of apps in its memory, filling up the RAM! However, that isn’t a bad thing. Apps stored in your RAM can be quickly switched to without Android having to load them from its slower storage. Empty RAM is useless. Full RAM is RAM that is being put to good use for caching apps. If Android needs more memory, it will force-quit an app that you haven’t used in a while – this all happens automatically, without installing any task killers. Task killers think they know better than Android. They run in the background, automatically quitting apps and removing them from Android’s memory. They may also allow you to force-quit apps on your own, but you shouldn’t have to do this. Task killers aren’t just useless – they can reduce performance. If a task killer removes an app from your RAM and you open that app again, the app will be slower to load as Android is forced to load it from your device’s storage. This will also use more battery power than if you just left the app in your RAM in the first place. Some apps will automatically restart after the task killer quits them, using more CPU and battery resources. Whether RAM is empty or full, it takes the same amount of battery power – decreasing the amount of apps stored in RAM won’t improve your battery power or offer more CPU cycles. Finally: ART. It has supposedly a better garbage collector and anandtech found a significant improvement.
  18. I'd rather wait than miss a step and mess up my device.On a side note, how come an OTA update can just be downloaded and installed while trying to go and download it yourself and install it requires many more hoops to jump through? What's the difference?
  19. It was rolling out for the N7 on November 12. I still haven't got it yet though, so I'm quite annoyed about that.