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  1. keskparane

    Windows 10 shutdown question

    No. It will restart. Sleep store info in RAM which loses power when unplugged. Hibernate write that info to disk.
  2. keskparane

    Windows 10 shutdown question

    No. But hibernate will.
  3. keskparane

    Windows 10 won't start or reset

    In your case I think id look for a USB version of linux. Disconnect the SSD and then load and run linux off the USB and just muck around doing stuff. My thinking being it will give you a chance to see if it is hardware related other than the SSD, or your windows install. A low CMOS battery typically won't ever be a problem if the PSU is always plugged in at the wall.
  4. keskparane

    Help with port forwarding

    Some service providers also have a port forwarding option in their web portal. Worth a look if opening firewall on pc isn't enough to get it working.
  5. keskparane

    Having trouble with a cable

    PSU's have the 8 pin option to cover those who need it. Just plug in the single 4 pin and you're good to go.
  6. dunno. why did you buy a 750?
  7. keskparane

    Drive Cloning w/ Windows OS

    Yup just use samsung data migrate. really easy
  8. keskparane

    My maingear f-131 ghost edition

    Now personally I don't like RGB and can't see any reason for spending so much on fittings etc. But that's just my preference. I can't see why they'd bag you for this. As long as you like it and it is actually functional is what counts.
  9. That would work. Although I'd go 1 step higher and use https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/detect.html
  10. The only driver I ever worry about on a fresh install is Intel chipset driver and I go direct to Intel for it.
  11. keskparane

    How do I get more sound out of speakers?

    Firstly are they plugged into the power and is it turned on?
  12. For a new chip I don't need to fork out the extra $$$$. For a used chip I assume less likely to have been cooked.
  13. Yup. I don't overclock so why would I want a chip that can overclock. Same like my car, I could oversize the bore and lighten all the components, but I increase the risk of failure. For the 0.01% of the time when it would actually be noticeable to me I don't think it's worth doing. My system doesn't have any stability issues. My system doesn't have any cooling issues even in a room where ambient temps can reach 40+ deg Celsius.
  14. keskparane

    Data structure arrays

    In your 2nd post you started to code as they specified. Not to hard really they've practically written it all for you. Obviously N isn't a number though. What could N represent? But then that code is missing from your last solution, and you change conditions they give, eg... they say while (y < r+1) yet for some reason you change it to while (mid <= hi) BTW learn to use code tags for code, and reply to or tag users so they know the thread has new posts.
  15. keskparane

    Data structure arrays

    Maybe once you have gone through it and coded it as per the instructions it will make sense to you?
  16. I like the thought of buying a second hand CPU that I can be pretty sure someone hasn't thrashed within 14nm of it's life
  17. keskparane

    DeepText - Instagram tests out AI bullying deterrent

    In the past responsible parents used to teach their kids values. Sadly now we need an AI due to the lack of responsible parents.
  18. keskparane

    DeepText - Instagram tests out AI bullying deterrent

    No it's not. Just because it may be something you consider natural doesn't mean we all do. This is just an idiot time tax. You wanna waste peoples time with senseless bs then they gonna add 1 extra step to waste your time too
  19. keskparane

    DeepText - Instagram tests out AI bullying deterrent

    So how is it not mentally weak to bully someone? And you think we should foster that?
  20. Ok. Just had to check. Next step is reinserting the drive maybe? Just to make sure the mechanical contact is good.
  21. Are you sure sure? Manual doesn't say anything like and you don't have an HDD in SATA 0?
  22. keskparane

    Wake on Lan from a different network?

    The answer is there. You're obviously just not reading it.
  23. keskparane

    Wake on Lan from a different network?

    Dude don't ever expect WOL to work on the internet. I know the ones I suggested work because I use them
  24. keskparane

    Wake on Lan from a different network?

    That does't answer what I asked. So what if you can remote?