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  1. 2400G at 4.5ghz Spotted in 3d mark

    i dont see anything wrong with his voice he honest with the review
  2. HP Laptop Killing Ram Modules

    check what voltage the original RAM is using and compare those to the RAM you bought i suspect you need high voltages RAM but you got Ultra Low voltages which are running over volt causing the stability issues
  3. Is This Pc Good? Upgrading Old One

    the Titan Xp is at least 30% faster
  4. Best time to kill Hitler?

    we are covering a broad aspect of World War 2 and how it will turn out if Nazi Germany had the weapons ready and if Hitler made the correct decisions here and there. Killing Hitler is pointless here because as i explained in my previous post Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler are the brains and strengths of the Nazi party. The Maus tank if produced in mass numbers and with the short comings removed would been OP and flip the situation in favor of Germany. Most of their idea and engineering were there and miles ahead of its time. But it was poor decision and lack of resources which brought Nazi Germany downfall. Japan biggest mistake of hitting USA let to their downfall as well
  5. Best time to kill Hitler?

    When World War 2 started in 1939 in Europe, US stand was to remained politically neutral, but president Franklin was working hard to prepare the Americans for what he regarded to be an inevitable conflict. He felt that the war was threatening U.S. security and tried to find ways to help the European Allies without being formally involved in the war. He persuaded Congress in November 1939 to repeal the arms embargoes that were part of the neutrality law and pass the Fourth Neutrality Act, which allowed him to trade arms with countries whose defense he would seem to be vital to the security of the United States. The U.S. would also provide its air force and navy to “escort” British convoys that transported supplies “leased” from America to protect them from enemy submarines. The U.S. military was also deployed to replace British forces in Iceland after the British invasion there. US did not directly want to be involved in the War But Japan pretty much forced US to declare war on Japan on 8 Dec 1941 when all but one member of Congress passed the motion one day after the attack of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Japan have pretty much under estimated the might of US powers.
  6. Best time to kill Hitler?

    he was fending off hits from both side and you can hear the round bouncing off from his frontal armor his team was pretty much wipe out and he still net kills with well place shots and a hilarious rear end ramming of the puny tank like holy sh*t he carried the team to the death
  7. Best time to kill Hitler?

    Both. Well Japan surprise attack did enough damaged to the ships. While the attack accomplished its intended objective, it turned out to be largely unnecessary. there was famous quote " I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant(USA) and fill him with a terrible resolve" US still managed to repair 14 of the ships and declare War on Japan The Japanese confidence in their ability to achieve a short, victorious war meant that they neglected Pearl Harbor's navy repair yards, oil tank farms, submarine base, and old headquarters building. The survival of the repair shops and fuel depots allowed Pearl Harbor to maintain logistical support to the U.S. Navy's operations. It was US submarines that immobilized the Imperial Japanese Navy's heavy ships and brought Japan's economy to a virtual standstill by crippling the transportation of oil and raw materials.
  8. Is This Pc Good? Upgrading Old One

    yes it great buy are you willing to pay double the price of one GTX1080Ti? it going for 1.4 grand a piece which is exactly the same price you pay for a Titan Xp
  9. Best time to kill Hitler?

    Many will agree with has the War dragged on for 1 year or more. Maybe Germany would have really developed the atomic weapon and used it on Britain. The V1 Rocket would be able to carry the atomic payload and hit from France shores easily. Or piggyback on a German plane and launched on London easily. Allies main key to defeating the Tigers and Tiger IIs was sheer number. Yes many report shows that one hit from a Tiger will disable one Allies tank, but more will just keep rolling towards the Tiger and he will be outnumber and swarmed and slowly get blown up. 49,234 M4 Shermans, 84,070 T-34s against just a few thousands of Tigers and Tiger IIs. Most were damaged by enemy fire and because of the complexity of the inner workings of the tanks. They were harder to repair on the field and thus many were blown up to prevent it falling into the hands of Allies which were still operational with the right tools and experience to repair. Katyusha was def deadly in sheer numbers because it can be mounted on a truck and fired and the vehicle can move to another position and rearm and fire again. The T34 Calliope using the M4 Sherman as the based was pretty much the Katyusha but with a tank chassis Those infantry and tanks did not stand a chance against rocket launchers fired in sheer volume. That was the impractical part. You will need two Maus to support each other while crossing rivers. One sitting duck from air bombing is bad and you have two Maus exposed to danger. If the Maus giving power to the crossing partner was bombed. The crew of the Maus under water will drown. Oh yea if the Maus was really made this will be the carnage he will do before he dies it def not an front line assault tank but mostly do long range fire support and tank destroying It will def give presence and strike fear to the enemy if one saw this massive armor of a gun Japan signed a treaty of alliance with Germany. So Japan made itself the enemy of the World and was cut off from supplies from Allies countries Japan desperately needed resources, and there were only two places to get them: Siberia and the South Pacific. The Imperial Japanese Army favored going after Siberia but were forced to abandon that strategy after the disastrous 1939 Battle of Khalkhin Gol. The Imperial Japanese Navy got its way, but it had to deal the fact that the South Pacific had already been colonized. Hence the simultaneous attacks on Pearl Harbor, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Malaya: The Japanese didn't want the Americans or the British to resist the Japanese scramble for rubber and oil. This turned out to be suicidal and a complete misreading of how the Americans would react to Pearl Harbor US would join World War II and created the first atomic bomb and dropped it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Had Japan not surrendered after the second bomb. US had a 3rd bomb ready to be dropped. U.S. planned to drop a total of 15 atomic bombs on Japan to pretty much wipe out all cities and citizens of Japan
  10. r9 fury runnig at 100% on desktop.

    Likely a coin mining virus is in your PC.
  11. Best time to kill Hitler?

    German engineers who worked on the weapons were mostly forced to produce the weapons. Failure to comply means certain death. Enstein could have been one if the many scientist being capture to work under Hitler. But thankfully he fled before Hitler came into power. Imagine if Germany were to create the atomic bomb instead of the USA. Germany would be in power till this day. And Hitler will rule the world with an iron fist. Some of these German technology was also shared with Japan who was allies with Germany. The creator of the Zero fighter visited Germany to study the plane designs from German counterpart.
  12. Best time to kill Hitler?

    Hitler made a grave mistake of fighting with Russia. Because Germany now has two fronts to fight. The supply line was spread too wide and thin. That is even with the rail network which Germany seized during the ocupation of the various countries. The dumbest thing that Hitler order his men to do at the Russian front was to re lay all the rails connecting to Moscow as the Russian rail road has a different guage than European standard. That mean pulling oit the old rail and laying their own metal rails. The type XX1 U boat was one of the few advantage Germany got against Allied ships. But production cost and QA went down the drain along with so many U boats deem unfit for combat. If the Maus had been put into production with weight reduced for bridge crossing. They will also gain the upper hand against the Western front.
  13. Best time to kill Hitler?

    Type XXI submarine Many of the modern subs are based on the Type 21 U-boat The Type XXI's streamlined hull design allowed great submerged speed. The ability to outrun many surface ships while submerged, combined with improved dive times (also a product of the new hull form), made it much more difficult to chase and destroy. It also gave the boat a 'sprint ability' when positioning itself for an attack. Older boats had to surface to sprint into position. This often revealed a boat's location, especially after aircraft became available for convoy escort. Between 1943 and 1945, 118 boats were assembled by Blohm & Voss of Hamburg, AG Weser of Bremen, and Schichau-Werke of Danzig. But all the assembled U-boats were plagued with severe quality problems that required extensive post-production work to rectify. One of the reasons for these shortcomings was that sections were made by companies having little experience with shipbuilding, As a result, of 118 Type XXIs constructed, only four were fit for combat before the Second World War ended in Europe. Of these, only two conducted combat patrols and neither sank any Allied ships
  14. Enough space for sound card in mobo?

    you will have to use PCI-E extenders to install a sound card
  15. Best time to kill Hitler?

    Messerschmitt Me 262 of the Luftwaffe about 1,400 Me 262s were produced but only 200 were operational at any one time While Germany was bombed intensively, production of the Me 262 was dispersed into low-profile production facilities so production speed was reduced. And the main plant in Neuburg was destroyed in 19 March 1945 After the end of the war, the Me 262 and other advanced German technologies were quickly swept up by the Soviets, British and Americans. The Allies found that the Me 262 jet was indeed superior than any other jet produced even with the shorter operating range and unreliable engine. Panzer VIII Maus was Hitler idea of a Super tank that can punch holes through enemy defenses in the manner of an immense "breakthrough tank", whilst taking almost no damage to any components. The principal problem in the design of the Maus was developing an engine and drive train which was powerful enough to propel the tank, yet small enough to fit inside it. The vehicle's weight made it unable to utilize most bridges because of its weight of 188 tons making it impractical Only 2 were made Panzerkampfwagen E-100 was another failed super heavy tank project which was worse off than the Maus as only one prototype was made. In July 1944 Hitler ordered the development of super heavy tanks to stop. So work on the E-100 continued at a very low priority, with only three Adler employees available to assemble the prototype. It was proposed to be the basis for a heavy artillery system, an anti-aircraft vehicle, and a heavy tank destroyer The Tiger II was to be the replacement of the Tiger I The Tiger II was developed late in the war and built in relatively small numbers. Orders were placed for 1,500 Tiger IIs — slightly more than the 1,347 Tiger I tanks produced but production was severely disrupted by Allied bombing raids. Among others, five raids between 22 September and 7 October 1944 destroyed 95 percent of the floor area of the Henschel plant. It is estimated that this caused the loss in production of some 657 Tiger IIs