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  1. Hi Forum, I am curious if anyone has any experience with either of these 2 builds https://www.ebuyer.com/840472-loop-lp3400-34-ultra-wide-all-in-one-pc-barebone-lp-3400001 https://www.ebuyer.com/838346-intel-hades-canyon-i7-vega-gaming-machine-boxnuc8i7hnk3 I know they are pretty much barebones but my plan is to have a wide screen on my desk (or in the case of the Hades Canyon hook it up to a 4K TV My Original plan was to go for the hades canyon, max it out and hook it up to a 4K TV for both gaming and casual work (I would get a 2nd monitor for the editing and normal PC functions) However the loop appears to have more potential as (I may be wrong) I can potentially put a micro atx in it and get a core I9 with the watercooling solution. I am unsure of what graphics card I could use as the power supply only appears to be 450w (I am not sure if there is a way to upgrade this. Anyone had any experience with these machines? My Budget is about £2500 - £3000 max
  2. Hi folks, Pop on your detective hats as this is a bit of a strange one... I have recently been given the task of repairing a laptop Acer Trave Mate P645 Model number V4DA2. After some research it appears the motherboard is dead so they want me to quote them to repair it... Here comes the question. It was purchased in Taiwan and currently resides in the UK and I have read online and i remember hearing (probably overhearing) that laptops from the Asian Region would not work with spares from the European region. Is this true? If I was to purchase a spare mobo for the laptop from a local supplier would it be incompatible with the current hardware? Has anyone come across this before or am i completely wrong here? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards
  3. Intel Compute Stick https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/boards-kits/compute-stick/stk2mv64cc.html These are the new generation with the m5 processors
  4. Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I am looking for someone who has a Nokia 8 that I can ask a few questions. I am very tempted by this phone. However there is only so much googling that a man can do before he hits a wall. I am wondering if any of the forum users has one that they can give me their "real world" review (ups and downs, do they still like it etc) Anyone able to help me on this one? Regards Nibbles
  5. The top 2 pictures above the wall have a spelling error. They are not "cellular service providers" nor are they "Internet service providers". They are friggin RIP OFF MERCHANTS !! Ok rant over, continue with your daily lives.. :-)
  6. Alley Cat (dos based) Early 90's maybe cant remember. Was on my mom's work laptop which was a 386
  7. Ive transported a PC on my bike before but I used a crapton of rope but it was attached to the top box with tie down straps and rope. 0/10 would reccomend due to crappy weather and roads PC survived though
  8. When we order from Mr Memory we get Haribo's too :-)
  9. Ah that answers my question. Thanks dude :-)
  10. Well I was using the 1050 as an example. I've seen 1080ti by Evga, MSI, Zotac. What I wanted to know is. Is the brand name like 1070/1080/1060 etc all Base specs then the different brands have different mark up 's in price or are some brands more reliable than others or are they all built on the same spec or is it a case of. " Same garbage, Different dumpster"? :-P EDIT: an r
  11. Ok I imagine this question will give someone a headache but I just wanted to get my head around something and I apologise if its been asked before. So while perusing Ebuyer I a came across 2 different cards and after they banned me from the store (ok yes bad joke) So I am looking at the MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti vs Zotac Geforce GTX 1050 Ti. As far as I can see there is not too much difference in between them (Prices will change but today its literally £2 What I am really asking is... Is it pretty much the same specs under different brand names (bar a few MHZ and cores here and there? )
  12. Hi All, Apologies if this is the wrong forum topic but I am not sure where else to post. I was working on a laptop for my bosses daughter (Asus X401A) I was replacing the hard drive and in the process had to remove the keyboard and detach the ribbon cable, The plasticlever that holds down the ribbon cable came off and in the process of trying to re attach it I bent a few of the pins on the motherboard. Is it worth my trying to "bend them back" with an exacto knife os is there another way that it can be done (apart from getting a new mobo) My boss is aware so I dont have to commit seppuku just yet but he does want me to fix it. Am I tempting fate and possibly opening myself up for a whole world of hurt or should I just leave it? I've tested it and there are keys that don't work. Any thoughts?
  13. If you are easily offended by bad grammar then this post will probably give you an aneurysm :-P Ok, So I will probably get called a noob for this but I am hoping someone can dumb this down to a "Homer Simpson" level for me... Let's say for example you get 4x NVidia Titan XP's and run them in a 4 way SLI will on a triple monitor setup. Will that not increase gaming performance or will it only increase it on certain games? Again sorry if its a stupid question I am just curious, maybe someone can edumacate me on the subject :-P
  14. Dunno if its been but what about SLI in graphics cards.