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  • CPU
    Xeon E3-1225
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-P75-D3
  • RAM
  • GPU
    GT 1050Ti
  • Case
    NZXT S340
  • Storage
    1.5TB HDD + 240GB SSD
  • PSU
    Be Quiet 550W
  1. mclint_

    New build does not startup properly

    I removed the GPU, tried with only one stick of RAM and it still has the same issue.
  2. mclint_

    New build does not startup properly

    I'm using a Gigagbyte GA-P75-D3. How'd I go about updating the MOBO if the PC doesn't start? The motherboard is new, the PC sometimes boots so I thought that means it can't be the issue. I'll try with one stick of RAM now.
  3. Hi guys! I just finished my new build. It has my old Xeon E3-1225 V1 CPU, a Sandisk 240gb SSDPlus, 1.5Tb HDD, 14GB RAM and a GTX 1050Ti. I also got a used Be Quiet 550W power supply. I had my friend come over to help me assemble the parts and we did everything perfectly. We then tried to boot the PC up to witness the glory of our creation and the PC's power button light and fans turn on for a few seconds and then turns off. If you press the power button again, nothing happens unless you turn off the power supply, turn off the power from the wall, remove the power cord from the power supply, wait a while and fix everything back and turn it on again. It then flashes the power button light again and you have to repeat the steps again. The weird thing is sometimes the PC actually stays on. We removed the GPU and tested with an old 140W power supply I had and it also faces the same issue. I have eliminated a motherboard issue, a GPU or RAM issue. I'm thinking either my PSU is faulty or my power outlet isn't providing enough power. I have tried other power outlets and it faces the same issue, sometimes it stays on and others it doesn't. Any help will be greatly appreciated.