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  1. Both are the same price in my country, so which should i purchase? Let me know your opionion!
  2. What about the LG 27GL650F UltraGear. What are your thoughts on that one.
  3. The intention is for gaming. So VA should suffice in that case, thanks.
  4. How noteworthy is the difference between ips and va? I found an asus monitor for around the same price called "VP24QGR". Otherwise that VG24VQ also looks good. Thanks anyway
  5. Ah okay. The store I am looking at gives me 4 different options. Which is the best model?
  6. After having run 1080p60hz for a couple years now, i want to go a step higher in terms of hz. However, my system (3600x + 1660Super) is not quite ready for 1440p144hz. A lot of people told me not to buy a 27inch 1080p, so I ended up looking for a 1080p144hz monitor at 24". However this was more difficult than i thought, with most monitors that I found having mixed reviews. The market for for 1080p144hz wasnt as big as i thought it would be, especially at 24". What monitor would you guys recommend?
  7. I just bought a ps3, to relive some old games, but it's such an inconvenience switching back and forth with the hdmi cables and streaming would be much easier if I would be able to get the ps3 input as a windows on my pc. I have seen "remote play online" but the quality seems low and it seems kind of sketchy to me. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks. - Kuttenkop
  8. Well, I recently bought the sony HT-CT291, I want to connect it to my pc, but my pc doesn't have a TOSLINK input. I figured I could try it with a usb cable, but neither my pc nor mij speaker seem to respond. The only option I have left is to connect it to bluetooth. My question is: what kind of dongle should I by to get my pc to send audio to my speaker. Thanks in advance