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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a program that allows me to freely resize any program window. Some programs won't allow you to change their Window size to something less than 50% of the screen(as an example). Is there any program that allows me to change window sizes as I want? (Windows 10 btw)
  2. My Laptop's headphone jack has become very loose that even a slight touch to the cable will remove it. I know it's not the aux cable since It fits firmly into the Microphone port. Is there any fix for this?
  3. From every video and article I've read about retro and old PC's, I've never heard of a Soviet one. What was the Soviet computer industry like and how were their PC's?
  4. Also in the bottom it says that I will be automatically subscribed to some service and after 7 days it'll charge me 50 bucks unless I cancel It
  5. This article says that I am able to get a phone for a dollar. However, It seems to good to be true. Is it real?
  6. When I try to add a device, It says couldn't connect on Windows(It doesn't even search for devices) Yes as When I unplug it is not present anymore.
  7. But the dongle appears on my phones...
  8. But why does it appear on my iPhone?
  9. The songs are blank. Nothing is on them. They're just blank. On the packaging, It says all of the same stuff but in all lowercase and on the device manager it names it as "CD03 DEVICE V1.00 USB DEVICE"
  10. How do I install drivers on it? It is on disk drives in the device manager
  11. Nope. This is what I bought. Also I did not buy the headphones along with the Dongle.
  12. When I turn on my iPhone, it detects the Bluetooth dongle and it is named "BT Dongle". When I play something on it, nothing plays on my PC. It came in packaging and it looks like a normal square USB with a red light flashing inside it I have a boAt rockerz 600
  13. The website was souq.com and I want to connect my Headphones to it
  14. I bought a Bluetooth dongle from an online website, When I received it, My PC marked it as a 1 gig flashdrive. It has 6 music files in it each about 16 hours. In the device manager it appears under disk drives. Did I get scammed?