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  1. Mem: 128 Gb Corsair Vengeance ; i wonder that this ram is working? no issues ? i would go for G.Skill Flare X but if Vengeance works fine too its a lot cheaper. Before installing a OS i would always make the system as simple as possible to avoid troubles, dissable hardware you wont need directly and installing those at later time when the OS is running stable, easyer to track for errors when you installing stuff step by step.
  2. For the Zenith Extreme Alpha it seems the best compatible with G.Skill Flare X modules of 2933 mhz , not cheap but could be worth much if it run solid. The QVL list is very outdated sadly, so watching tons of reviews will help choose the best, lots of modules on the QVL are old and not on the market anymore.
  3. Highflow

    Ubiquiti PowerBeam Questions

    Agree, at 2,4ghz its easyer to go through landscape obstacles and buildings, if the band is too busy you can add some other channels through a telnet hack which remove country restrictions.
  4. Highflow

    Is this the right way to put on thermal paste?

    ofcourse, use common cense, the paste is there just to fill the errors, theres nothing better than direct metal contact if both surface are very straight on microscopic base. In old days adding paste wasnt enough in some cases as the cpu`s surfaces were everything but flat like the P4`s.... so the get better cooling performance people did lapping the cpu, but very time consuming and not really something for basic noobs who just build a system for first time.
  5. Highflow

    Is this the right way to put on thermal paste?

    wonder how many peeps actually did that way lol iam sure it hapen somewere
  6. Highflow

    Is this the right way to put on thermal paste?

    cooling is best with the biggest surface contacted to the heatsink, so spread out that very tiny drop of paste in a super tiny layer all over the cpu surface covering most as posible, this can take a while depending how easy the pasta is. You can use a creditcard or whatever to do this, or a plastic on a vinger, never touche the pasta or the cpu surface directly as its poison and the surface of the cpu needs to be clean as posible (use alcohol to clean it first)
  7. Anyone have good experiance with some security cam on network with included harddisk recording? I need a set to use outdoor pointing to entrance door about 12 meter lower and with good nightvision. I have no idea what type/brand to look at for this long distance, no wide angle is need i want it just point to a door with best video quality also in the dark. No wireless need as its easy to run a cable to it. tnx for help!
  8. Highflow

    Amazon.com to Europe?

    Yup i think its cheaper in usa but after shipping tax and import you better find your stuff in europe and also delivery is faster. The difference is the Euro and the Dollar. For the peeps live in usa a win-win situation, than stuff would be so cheap and theres so much more from usa ofcourse as its a bigger market than europe.
  9. Highflow

    Amazon.com to Europe?

    Theres also Amazon.de and shipping fees are note for every product. For me only way to get stuff for good prices what i cant find in my own country. And Ebay is a mistery for me and i dont have or want to use unsafe paypal, so far i know they dont have regulair payment methods i used to
  10. Highflow

    Home server rack?

    Ah no problem-) i dont know any in Norway for that but maybe from UK can be interesting, havnt found much more than xcase.uk prices are not bad even after tax... they have lot of choice anyway
  11. Highflow

    windows 10 errors on startup

    do a manually search for those 2 files, it maybe moved to somewhere and if you find them you can copy them to the path thats in the error message.
  12. Highflow

    24mbps down but only 3mbps down actual.

    Ah so it seems possible to 8Mbit, thats at least better than 3 Have you tryed to disconnect the modem and reconnect after a while? it did helped me sometimes to get a higher rate. Whats maybe possible is that the isp going to switch your line on a different pair wires, what ive heard it could help when use wire pairs on the innerside of the cable = shorter distance. All depending on the isp if they want to take care.
  13. Highflow

    Noctua fans-Need info

    basically the same but some fans have different specs for different use. I would check the Noctua website for the details and see the differences
  14. Highflow

    24mbps down but only 3mbps down actual.

    Thats very fair! years ago when i had vdsl they also advertised speeds what only could be real if you were the isp neighbour lol i got max 13Mbit and one day the isp contacted me telling they coulnt bring me much more speed so i was paying too much and we agree to take a new abo for lower speed, so less to pay for practical no difference in speed.
  15. Highflow

    Home server rack?

    Sure new ones are pretty high priced, but on second hand markets they drop them for pretty low often Problem is to sell them cost a fortune to the postal service, i got my 42U rack pretty cheap but its really heavy stuff! it cost me a lot of swet to transport and bring it into my appartment on 4th floor lol so be prepaired! no problem get a used one, just be sure all parts included, when lucky you maybe can get sliderails included, and thats make it lot more worth.