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  1. Do you recommend it? How does Microsoft office works? How are the online sites like?
  2. I know that this is not muchas of a pc but I'm really thinking of getting a Dex station. I will just use it to write stuff and videos (really simple stuff). I hope anyone can help me. If you have information about this product please tell me
  3. I don't have any requirements, I just need something for normal usage. I can make an effort to get something a little bit more expensive but my budget is not much.
  4. Hello, I need help with my new laptop. The thing is that I'm about to start University and I don't have a laptop. I would use a laptop mostly for typing and regular stuff (it's law school) and I was thinking of getting a Pixelbook. Do you guys have any recommendations about it?
  5. Yeah, I think something like that. Do you think I can get something good for that price?
  6. Yeah. I don’t think I would use stuff like Photoshop. Not much but I can make the effort to have something better.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm someone who doesn't know much about computers so I need the help of those who know. The thing is that I'll get to university and I need a laptop. I don't need to use weird programs because I'll mostly type most of the times. If you can help me I would appreciate it.