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    glenalz81 got a reaction from WereCat in My 3900x OC Settings   
    Are you using Ryzen Master or BIOS?
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    glenalz81 reacted to oxygenner in MSI B450M Mortar Titanium   
    ok thanks really appreciated
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    glenalz81 reacted to Psych19 in Did I get the wrong Mobo?   
    I funnily enough only discovered the LTT youtube channel and this forum after i sent the order in! but yes in the future i will be consulting this awesome community a lot especially as i learn more about pc's
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from orbitalbuzzsaw in GPU runs significantly cooler with side panel off   
    Move your AIO to front intake, and the single fan to the top as exhaust.
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    glenalz81 reacted to Donut Dan in Cpu hot or normal?   
    No paste, but temps only up to 78C? I would think they'd be even higher if it was paste free. Of course, @probablydumb didn't tell us what cooler is in use.
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from Kilrah in Vega 64 Vram max out in Warzone, is this normal?   
    You're bottlnecked by the CPU, seems that maybe the extra vram usage is dealing with the CPU shortfall.
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    glenalz81 reacted to MartinKweh in Scratch on gpu pcb, still works! Need some advice though   
    Nail polish will do as a precaution. Otherwise, if the connection isnt severed or not shorted by anything. Its fine.
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from JapanDave in How to setup Fortnite the same as PS4?   
    Plug it into the PC via USB and works with Fortnite no issues.
    Just get a  PC headset and he can carry on as normal.
    Don't need that for Fortnite, windows recognises the DS4 as a controller.
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    glenalz81 reacted to Mikeybx in Streaming issue.   
    Exactly my problem, on stream looks fine but feels like crap to play.
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from EL02 in Ram Speed   
    Where are you checking the speed?
    DDR=Double Data Rate  1599 x 2
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    glenalz81 reacted to rofulton in 5 Pin RGBW fans to ASRock b450 pro4-f   
    I think I might have bought more hassle than it is worth, I think I'll stick them on ebay for cheap and be more careful next time
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from jones177 in My gpu wont run smooth on low setting but smooth on high setting   
    The lower the graphics settings the higher the load on the CPU.  What CPU do you have?
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    glenalz81 reacted to centurion_08 in Why there are so many problems in pc section?   
    I'm a user for years now and as far as i can remember there's barely any discussion about games at all.
    It seems like people don't talk about them, just constant problem/performance issues.
    There's no salt or any negative energy on my side. It just looks weird, pc supposed to be THE way to play.
    Btw: I'm trying to play gta3 but fucking thing doesn't work at 60fps cuz car mechanics breaks and i can't reverse properly.
    Kind Regards.
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    glenalz81 reacted to MaratM in Old PC resurection on a budjet [Build Log] A watercooling thriller   
    A little update on the setup.
    Due to the fact that all schools in Russia gone on quarantine my kids are staying at home and the teachers gone online (skype and other platforms) thus I had to get a second pc in kids bedroom. But LTT video from the past “1 tower 2 gamers” gave me an idea. To do a real virtual machines with unraid was a bit too complicated for me. After some research I found Asper a software capable of do the same thing but slightly different than unraid.
    after trying it out at work (it is easily to get borrow a monitor and mouse and keyboard) I bought a simple 1080p monitor, 5meters hdmi cable and a logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo. All was set up and the problem solved

    main workplace

    secondary one

    the dual monitor - dual users setup
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    glenalz81 reacted to Tristerin in Less FPS than expected on fortnite!   
    HDD is likely part of the problem here as it is an online game.  When you have a low amount of RAM and VRAM and a new sprite shows up on an online game, you have to then spool up the HDD to find it, and then enter it into the RAM.  If the RAM is full, the OS has to decide what isn't important, dump it and make room for this new sprite (graphic).  
    Still shouldn't have all 4 cores maxed though.
    As for drivers, I would use DDU, to clean the system of drivers, then reinstall and see if that fixes the problem.
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    glenalz81 reacted to Fasauceome in R5 3500 or R5 3600?   
    Haven't seen any specific pricing, but relatively speaking (when people ask about which to get), then can often be cheaper than a Ryzen 5 2600 so I recommend them a lot
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    glenalz81 reacted to WereCat in 3900x temps and voltage   
    thats not a problem, thats how the CPUs run on stock
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in 100 CPU usage while gaming?   
    Still not a fresh install.
    Download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and run it. Save to a USB and use that to do a fresh install.
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from Ceroical in 100 CPU usage while gaming?   
    Still not a fresh install.
    Download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and run it. Save to a USB and use that to do a fresh install.
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from ItsMeRachata in Budget Graphics Card   
    Best GPU's sub 200 are used 1070's and Vega 56's very occasionally a 1070ti.
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    glenalz81 reacted to Linus Drop TIps in Need help not posting after ram overclock   
    Ik it booted thanks
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    glenalz81 reacted to minibois in Motherboard has a 8+4pin but psu only has 8pin cpu power connector   
    8 Pin already does 384W, the 4 pin does extra 150W. That extra 150W is not needed at all, unless you're doing some very heavy overclocking.
    The 9900K under a multicore load uses like up to 200-250W, if my memory serves me right
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    glenalz81 reacted to scuff gang in Anyone ever run a LAN center in a small town?   
    Just run linux instead of windows, or download windows and don't activate it, or an oem copy of windows works too, you can get them on eBay for ~10$
    Core 2's probably won't run very well a 1600af and a rx 580/590 would be better suited 
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    glenalz81 got a reaction from Ben17 in Anyone ever run a LAN center in a small town?   
    I also live in a small town of around 7k, there was a place that opened, not a LAN centre more a PC based VR shop with a few rigs and different games to play. Paid by the hour.
    Initially was quite busy due to the novelty but had to close the doors after around 4 months. Just not a big enough catchment area. I think a 10k base would be needed to sustain viability.
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    glenalz81 reacted to Vitamanic in Why does my PC lag???   
    More than likely it's your processor. Even when they came out, FX chips were behind most of the phenom series from 2009~. So you're basically running games with 11 year old CPU horsepower. Time for an upgrade, unfortunately.