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  1. Software? Lol, software doesnt fix or xontain everything. You'd get pretty low framerates without tensor cores, especially on software
  2. The average consumer will never use 16/32 cores anyways Plus i bet it'll be alot better than the noctua. Just as quiet with a few degree lower temps...and it doesn't look like puke
  3. Lol? Bf5 doesn't use any nvidia game assets Optimisation in general for BF5 is bad. 110fps on a 1080ti at 1080p?!? That's what you'd usually expect from a 1070 or 1080, consideribg the frostbite engine hasn't even changed much (and the textures are the exact same from bf1)
  4. Why are you hooking up a top end cpu with a budget end motherboard?
  5. Oo, sounds cool. How is it compared to the maximus?
  6. I mean, what board would you recommend? Doesn't have to be asus
  7. A bill that makes sense from california? Am i dreaming?!? *starbucks coffee intensifies* In all seriousness, wish it didn't have to come to the government interfering with this, and this will indeed have some sort of consequences for the user.
  8. Yeah. I'm interested in overclocking an 8700k to around 5 ghz. The maximus has better VRMs and power delivery, however I don't know if the extra 80 AUD is worth it. I won't really use the wifi and bluetooth on the z370-e anyways. inb4 "just get a ryzen" xdddd EDIT: Maximus also has handy things like a post indicator (forgot the name lol) and bios reset and flashback
  9. Provide some sources saying they dont work
  10. It indeed is. Just because its not a physical item doesnt mean you should just buy it freely without tax.